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New Orleans will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test for bars, gyms, concerts

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Mayor LaToya Cantrell said that the new rules will go into effect on Monday and enforcement will start on Aug. 23. "The situation is dire and we are simply out of time," the Mayor said at a press conference Thursday...

NY gyms fully reopen, but getting people back is a ‘different story

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CHARLES CASSARA: We're back in the technical sense that we're allowed to be 100 percent capacity, masks are coming off. But as far as getting people to come back, that's a different story. ... They released new CD...

Ontario begins lockdown: escuelas, gyms, indoor dining closed again

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Premier Doug Ford also announced the closure of indoor dining. Gyms and cinemas will also close and hospitals have also been told to pause all non-urgent surgeries Ontario is seeing record new infections and there a...

South Korean capital bans fast workout music in gyms as Covid measure

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Gyms in the South Korean capital are about to adopt an unusual Covid prevention strategy: play slower music. The Health Ministry is implementing a number of new measures as the country continues battling a coronavir...

South Korean gyms ban upbeat music due to COVID-19 restrictions

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Music that is higher than 120 beats per minute (bpm) during group workouts like aerobic or spin classes is no longer permitted in order to keep warriors in exercise rooms and health clubs from panting too fast or swe...