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Researchers uncover software flaws leaving medical devices vulnerable to hackers

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Researchers say they have found more than a dozen vulnerabilities in software used in medical devices and machinery used in other industries that, if exploited by a hacker, could cause critical...

Hackers breached computer network at key US port but did not disrupt operations

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Suspected foreign government-backed hackers last month breached a computer network at one of the largest ports on the US Gulf Coast, but early detection of the incident meant the intruders weren't in a position to d...

‘Anonymoushackers claim to hit website hosting firm popular with Proud Boys

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The hacking collective Anonymous last week claimed to have stolen and leaked reams of data held by Epik, a website hosting firm popular with far-right organizations like the Proud Boys. The more than 150 gigabytes ...

United Nations confirms hackers breached its systems earlier this year

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Unidentified hackers breached computer systems at the United Nations in April and the multinational body has had to fend off related hacks in the months since, a UN spokesperson said Thursday. The statement came aft...

Hackers block Italian Covid-19 vaccination booking system in ‘most serious cyberattack ever

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Rome Hackers have attacked and blocked an Italian Covid-19 vaccination booking system, a source from Italy's cybercrime police told CNN on Monday, marking the worst cyberattack the country's health service has ever s...

Time to hold Putin accountable, go on offense against hackers: Genl. Keane

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They should attack the cyber-infrastructure of these criminal organizations, shut them down temporarily, but if we continue to persist in doing it, it'll eventually become a deterrence because every time they pull th...

‘Spesiale verslag’ on WHO investigation, Russian hackers

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DR. FRANCIS COLLINS, NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH DIRECTOR: There were a lot a conspiracy theories and other ideas floating around at that point. One of them was that actually SARS-CoV-2 had been a bioengineered b...

7 secrets hackers don’t want you to know

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Think I'm dramatic? In 2020, Americans reported more than 2.2 million fraud cases to the FTC, met byna $ 3.3 billion in losses. Cybercrime pays big time. Just look at the $ 5 million Colonial Pipeline recently p...

Suspected Chinese hackers exploited Pulse Secure VPN to compromise ‘dozensof agencies and companies in US and Europe

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Vir maande, hackers with suspected ties to China have exploited a popular workplace tool to break into government agencies, defense companies and financial institutions in the US and Europe, according to a report by...

Hunting the hunters: How Russian hackers targeted US cyber first responders in SolarWinds breach

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Washington After infiltrating US government computer networks early last year as part of the SolarWinds data breach, Russian hackers then turned their attention to the very people whose job was to track them down. DIE...

Withuis waarsku oor 'aktiewe bedreiging’ van Microsoft e-pos hackers

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Washington Die Biden-regering laat toenemend alarm maak oor 'n reeks nuut ontdekte kuberinbrake wat Microsoft vandeesweek met China verbind het.. "Dit is 'n aktiewe bedreiging," Wit Huis p ...

Hackers intercepted a Covid-19 vaccination appointment hotline in Pennsylvania

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A hotline set up to help people in Pennsylvania's Allegheny County schedule Covid-19 vaccination appointments was partially compromised, county officials said. The service opened at noon on Thursday to help resident...

Massiewe data-oortreding is moontlik ontdek as gevolg van 'ongedwonge fout’ deur vermeende Russiese kuberkrakers

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Amerikaanse amptenare en kundiges in die private sektor wat die massiewe data-oortreding ondersoek wat Washington geskok het, glo toenemend dat die aanvallers uiteindelik ontdek is omdat hulle 'n meer aggressiewe "bereken ...

Skole bly die belangrikste teikens vir kuberkrakers, Amerikaanse intelligensie-amptenare sê

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Kwaadwillige kuberaktore hou steeds verwoesting aan die Amerikaanse onderwysinstellings tydens die dodelike koronavirus-pandemie, volgens Amerikaanse inligtingsamptenare. In 'n gesamentlike kuberveiligheidsbulletin wat T..

Hackers wat sleutelaktore in die entstofvoorsieningsketting rig

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Hackers is gerig op sleutelaktore in die koronavirus-inentingsketting namate verspreiding aan die gang is, volgens nuwe waarskuwings deur die Departement van Binnelandse Veiligheid en IBM, wat die kwaadwillige aktiwiteite ontdek het ...

Iranse kuberkrakers wat hulself as die Proud Boys voorgedoen het, het in een staat toegang tot kiesersdata verkry, feds sê

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Die Iraanse kuberkrakers wat hulle daarvan verdink dat hulle hulself as die Proud Boys voorgedoen het en dreigende e-posse aan potensieel duisende Amerikaanse kiesers gestuur het, het toegang tot registrasie van kiesers in minstens een staat verkry., Amerikaanse federale amptenare gesê ...