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Stephen Amell says he ‘had too many drinksbefore being asked to leave flight

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"Arrow" actor Stephen Amell says he feels "deeply ashamed" about his behavior aboard a flight in June, before which he "had too many drinks." Amell was asked to leave the flight before it departed after a public arg...

Pence says he’s ‘had enoughof Biden as he looks to escape Trump’s shadow in Iowa

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Monnike, Iowa Former Vice President Mike Pence crisscrossed Iowa on Friday, assailing President Joe Biden's administration for unleashing "a tidal wave of left-wing policies that threaten to wipe out all the progr...

SI Swimsuit model Danielle Herrington ‘had no idea’ she was pregnant during photoshoot: ‘Pure shock’

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Four days after wrapping her photoshoot in January, the 28-year-old learned she was expecting her first child. "I was honestly in shock," the model told PEOPLE (die TV-program!) op Donderdag. "It was like pure shock and ...

Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz recalls dating Jennifer Aniston: I ‘had no idea who she was

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Duritz opened up about his relationship with Aniston during a sneak peek of Vice's "Dark Side of the '90s." The musician revealed he met Aniston at The Viper Room, a 90s celebrity hotspot, and the two briefly dated a...

'30-ster Greta Garbo' het 'n baie aktiewe sosiale lewe gehad’ nadat hy Hollywood agtergelaat het, groot-neef sê

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"Ek sou haar nie 'n kluisenaar noem nie," Derek Reisfield het onlangs aan Closer Weekly gesê vir sy nuutste uitgawe wat tans op kiosk is. "As jy na haar afspraakboeke kyk, sy gaan uit, ontmoet mense, partytjies toe gaan, gaan ...

Chris Cuomo falsely claims US gov ‘had not been open to the lab theoryafter he reported it last year

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Cuomo suggested that the leak theory is a "newer notion" than the previous theory that the virus jumped from animal to human after the Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. intelligence believes at least three Wuhan...

JoJo Siwa responds to board game controversy saying she ‘had no ideaabout the ‘inappropriatecontent

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YouTube star JoJo Siwa responded to backlash over a children's board game with her name that contains questions she is calling "grof" en "inappropriate." The 17-year-old singer and internet sensation posted a vide...

Sharon Stone says she’s ‘had itwith dating

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London Sharon Stone has revealed that she's "gedoen" with dating, and is instead focusing on spending more time with her friends and family. Praat verder "Die Drew Barrymore Show," the twice-divorced 62-year-old actres...