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The Suzuki Samurai is one of the 10 collector cars Hagerty says to buy now

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Hagerty has included the once-controversial SUV on its Bull Market List of classic vehicles expected to increase in value in the coming year. The Suzuki Samurai had an original price below $ 7,000. (...

Senators Hagerty, Blackburn slam Biden economic policy on ‘Breakfast with Friends’: ‘Build back broke

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Tennessee Republican Senators, Bill Hagerty and Martha Blackburn joined Lawrence Jones in Nashville Friday at the Pancake Pantry to discuss how the Biden administration and Democrats contributed to inflation and are ...

Bill Hagerty: Immigration provision in reconciliation bill will ‘set back’ American workers

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HAGERTY URGES SANDERS TO OPPOSE IMMIGRATION PROVISION BACKED BY BIG TECH IN DEM SPENDING BILL SEN. BILL HAGERTY: "What it does to the American worker is set them back for a generation to come while Big Tech billionai...

Bill Hagerty: Biden admin ‘overreach’on energy, werksgeleenthede, private datahas Americans ‘deeply concerned’

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HANNITEIT: ‘EVERYTHING WILL BEE MORE EXPENSIVE’ UNDER DEMOCRATS’ SPENDING PLAN U.S. SY. BILL HAGERTY, R-TENN: Their policies are absolutely cutting the exact wrong way. … They make us less energy independent. They’ve ...

Sy. Hagerty picks up ‘shockfrom US allies over Biden’s Afghanistan exit

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The former U.S. ambassador to Japan made the comments after going to the United Kingdom on Friday and on Saturday to Brussels, België, where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is headquartered, in 'n effo ...

Bill Hagerty kritiseer Biden dat 'n kalender die Amerikaanse onttrekking uit Afghanistan laat dryf

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SENATOR BILL HAGERTY: Jy weet, dit is 'n produk van hierdie ontruiming wat op so 'n lukrake wyse hanteer is. Ek dink die Staatsdepartement is regtig nie in staat om die situasie op die grond reg te beoordeel nie ...

Sy. Hagerty advocates for ‘coherent plan’ amid botched Afghanistan evacuation

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Hagerty: We should do what it takes to save and preserve American lives. What we should have is a coherent plan. That's what I haven't seen. Soos jy weet, before I took on the position of senator, I served as U.S. amb...

Sy. Hagerty says Harris border trip is sign that ‘backlash of public opinion’ is pushing Biden admin to act

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"What they're doing is listening to the polls and the polls are hammering them," Hagerty told Fox News in an interview on Friday. HARRIS, WHILE FINALLY VISITING THE BORDER, TOURS ‘EXTREME PROGRESS’ IN TACKLING MIGRAN...

Sy. Bill Hagerty rips Biden admin over migrant surge in Tennessee: We have a ‘right to know’

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HAGGERTY: I'm pushing hard for transparency on this and the Biden administration is blocking us. You notice that they move these planes in the dead of night. They're coming in both by commercial airlines as well as p...

Sy. Hagerty visits Mexico and Guatemala, calls for urgency on border crisis: ‘This needs to be fixed now

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"I went because this is the most urgent national security and economic problem we face as a nation, and we need to convey that sense of urgency to the leadership of Mexico and Guatemala," Hagerty, R-Tenn., het aan Fox N gesê..

Sy. Bill Hagerty om Guatemala te besoek, Mexiko in 'n poging om die migrasie krisis op te los

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"Die grenskrisis op die oomblik is die mees onmiddellike nasionale veiligheidskrisis wat ons land in die gesig staar. Daarom het ek gekies om my eerste internasionale reis daarheen te onderneem, omdat die onmiddellikheid van die probleem die ....