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Princess Diana’s stylist recalls the unexpected moment she decided to cut her hair: ‘We never looked back’

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Sam McKnight, who was the Princess of Wales’ personal stylist from 1990 until her death in 1997 op ouderdom 36, opened up about that unforgettable moment. "The first time I met the Princess of Wales was on a shoot," McKni...

Billie Eilish’s green hair party is over

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Billie Eilish is blonde and if her social media postings are any indication, it's everything she wanted. Die "Ocean Eyes" singer this week unveiled a new look, departing from the green hair that had become her signa...

Hierdie langafstandhouer van Covid is bang om 'n jaar na haar infeksie te stort weens die hoeveelheid hare wat sy verloor het

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Maart 26 is die eenjarige herdenking van Lauren Thomas Mandel se Covid-19-infeksie -- en sy en haar gesin voel steeds die gevolge van die siekte. Die ergste deel van 'n jaar van simptome, het sy aan CNN se Chri gesê..

Presidensiële memorabilia waaronder George en Martha Washington se hare word opgeveil

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Op Presidentsdag, baie is besig om maniere te vind om die voormalige leiers van Amerika te vereer. By 'n veilingshuis in Massachusetts, sommige bied selfs op hul hare. RR-veiling in Boston verkoop amper 300 historiese artikels rel ...

This woman used Gorilla Glue instead of hair spray. She ended up in the hospital

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A Louisiana woman has sought medical treatment after mistakenly using Gorilla Glue spray adhesive in place of actual hair spray. Tessica Brown's plight went viral earlier in February after she revealed that her hai...

Dwayne Johnson shows off his hair skills in an adorable post with his 2-year-old daughter

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Dwayne Johnson has his role as a "girl dad" down after showing how he fixes his 2-year-old daughter's hair on Instagram. Despite being bald, the Rock says he "knows a thing or two about hair" in his Saturday post. ...

A football game was abandoned in China because players broke rules forbidding dyed hair

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A university football match in China was abandoned after players with dyed hair ran afoul of organizers' strict rules on appearance, according to state-run tabloid Global Times. The women's teams of Fuzhou Universit...

Ready to cut your long, quarantine hair? Consider donating it to charity

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As people stay home and skip the salon or barbershop, some hair-focused non-profits are seeing one bright spot in the pandemic: more donated hair going to those who need it. "Luister, there's never enough hair," sai...

A young Indian woman died when her hair became trapped in a go-kart wheel

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New Delhi A 21-year-old woman has died in southern India after her hair got caught in the wheel of a go-kart she was driving, police in the city of Meerpet, Telangana state, aan CNN gesê. The accident took place on Wedne...

Covid-19, thanks for the bad hair year

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This hasn't just been a bad hair day, it has been a bad hair year. Some people have gone months (or what looks like decades) without a haircut. But as autumn rolls around, many are finally seeking professional help...

There is a new world record for tallest mohawk and it’s a hair raising accomplishment

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There is a new world record for the tallest Mohican mohawk, and it will give you all kinds of hair envy. Joseph Grisamore, of Park Rapids, Minnesota, checks in with a mohawk fan over 42.5 inches tall, the Guinness ...

Abraham Lincoln’s lock of hair sells for more than $81,000 at auction

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A lock of President Abraham Lincoln's hair and a telegram smeared with his blood sold for more than $ 81,000 at auction. The historic items sold at an auction that ended Saturday, according to Boston-based RR Aucti...

Protests erupt in South Africa over controversial TRESemme ad featuring Black hair

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Johannesburg, South Africa Two advertisements, one showing a black woman's hair labeling it "frizzy and dull," the other showing blonde hair, labeling it, "fine and flat" en "normaal" set off protests at one of South...