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Two journalists burned alive by gang in Haiti

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Two Haitian journalists were burned alive by a gang in the country's capital on Thursday, a source with the Haitian Security Forces told CNN. The source said the Ti Makak gang carried out the killings in the Petion-...

Remaining missionaries kidnapped in Haiti released by gang, says justice minister

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The remaining 12 hostages kidnapped by an armed gang in Haiti two months ago were released Thursday, according to the country's justice minister. Seventeen missionaries representing Christian Aid Ministries, includi...

Gasoline truck in Haiti explodes, killing over 40 gente

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The blast occurred in the city of Cap-Haitien, former Prime Minister Claude Joseph said. "I share the pain and sorrow of all the people," el tuiteó. ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER MARKS FIRST OFFICIAL VISIT TO UNITED ARA...

5 things to know for November 22: Wisconsin, Congreso, Coronavirus, Sudan, Haiti

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Obtenga '5 cosas' en su bandeja de entrada Si su día no comienza hasta que esté al tanto de los últimos titulares, luego, permítanos presentarle su nueva solución matutina favorita. Regístrese aquí para recibir el boletín informativo '5 cosas'. If i...

Two missionaries released in Haiti after group kidnapping, aid group claims

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Two missionaries kidnapped in Haiti over a month ago have been released, according to a statement by the US-based Christian Aid Ministries. CNN has not been able to independently confirm their release. "We have lear...

Haiti abductions: US missionary group says Christians must ‘overcome evil with good

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"In a world where violence and force are seen as the solution to problems, we believe in God’s call to Christians to "…not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good," the Ohio-based missionary group, Christian...

Strike planned after US missionaries and children abducted in Haiti

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The group was snatched by the 400 Mawozo gang, which controls the Croix-des-Bouquets area east of the capital of Port-au-Prince, police inspector Frantz Champagne told The Associated Press on Sunday. The abduction ha...

Enviado especial a Haití dimite citando "inhumano"’ Decisión de EE. UU. De deportar a miles de haitianos de la frontera de EE. UU.

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Daniel Foote, el enviado especial de Estados Unidos a Haití, ha entregado su dimisión al secretario de Estado Antony Blinken, diciendo que lo hará "no estar asociado con los Estados Unidos inhumano, decisión contraproducente de depor ...

DHS to ramp up deportation flights to Haiti as migrants overwhelm US southern border

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Washington The Department of Homeland Security plans to ramp up deportation flights to Haiti to deter Haitians who are overwhelming Del Rio, Texas, a Customs and Border Protection official told CNN. The flights are ...

Democratic lawmakers urge Biden administration to halt deportations to Haiti

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Más que 50 Democratic lawmakers urged the Biden administration Friday to halt deportations to Haiti as nearly 10,000 migrants have overwhelmed Del Rio, Texas, many of whom are Haitian. In a letter to the departme...

Haiti prosecutor seeks charges against prime minister in connection with president’s assassination

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Haiti's top prosecutor is seeking charges against Prime Minister Ariel Henry in connection with the assassination of the late President Jovenel Moise. He has also barred the Prime Minister from leaving the country. ...

Haiti quake: Tensions grow over aid as deaths pass 2K

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At the small airport in the southwestern community of Les Cayes, throngs of people gathered outside the fence on Wednesday when an aid flight arrived and crews began loading boxes into waiting trucks. One of a small ...

'Dinastía de pato’ La estrella Korie Robertson habla sobre Afganistán, Eventos de Haití: "Totalmente desgarrador’

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los "Dinastía de pato" La estrella se dirigió a Instagram el martes y se sinceró sobre los talibanes que se apoderaron del gobierno afgano, así como el terremoto de magnitud 7,2 que sacudió Puerto Príncipe., matando a más de 2,000 un...

EXPLAINER: Why Haiti is prone to devastating earthquakes

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Haiti sits near the intersection of two tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s crust. Earthquakes can occur when those plates move against each other and create friction. Haiti is also densely populated. Más, many...

How to Help Haiti Earthquake Victims

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A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti Saturday morning, likely causing widespread disaster, según el Servicio Geológico de EE. UU.. Humanitarian officials worry about how quickly aid can be deployed and how Haitians ...

7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti

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The epicenter of the quake was 12 kilómetros (7.5 millas) northeast of Saint-Louis du Sud, according to the survey. People in the capital of Port-au-Prince felt the tremor and many rushed into the streets in fear.

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