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Haitian migrant sports ‘Biden-Harrisshirt as thousands more converge at Guatemala-Mexico border

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The migrant, who gave his name as Stevenson to Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins and sported a Biden-Harris t-shirt, said his remaining family in Haiti has since passed away and that he is hopeful to find employme...

Panama warns of looming Haitian migrant wave, tens of thousands on the way

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In a new interview with Axios, Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes said that since the beginning of 2021 más que 85,000 Haitians have crossed through Panama and that she believes "they all are heading toward the U.S." B...

Funcionario del condado de Texas: Patrulla Fronteriza 'atada’ con migrantes haitianos, no puedo concentrarse en las drogas, traficantes de personas

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LOS AGENTES DE LA PATRULLA FRONTERIZA DEBEN SER VACUNADOS POR NOV O DESPEDIR LA CARA: DENUNCIANTE BEAU NETTLETON: Bien, tienes dos conjuntos diferentes de grupos. Tienes este grupo, que se compone principalmente de haitianos y venezolanos ...

UN experts criticize US for deportation of Haitian migrants, allege ‘racialized exclusion

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"In expediting the collective expulsion of Haitian migrants, the United States is subjecting a group of predominantly Black migrants to impermissible risks of refoulement and human rights abuse without any individual...

Group of Haitian migrants sue Biden administration over poor treatment

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A group of Haitian migrants is suing the Biden administration over its treatment of migrants, recounting in detail squalid conditions at a makeshift camp in Del Rio, Texas, this year and confrontations with officers...

Border Patrol agents rescued three Haitian migrants stranded in Rio Grande

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Border patrol agents have rescued three Haitian migrants in what they described as a "harrowing rescue" operation after they found the family stranded in the middle of the Rio Grande, the office said in a statement....

Haitian gang leader charged in kidnapping of American missionaries

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Joly Germine, 29, who is also known as "Yonyon," leads the 400 Mawozo gang and is the first person charged by federal prosecutors with having any involvement in the kidnapping. He was extradited to the United States ...

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