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Kendall Jenner klap toe vir die 25ste verjaardag van Halloween

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Kendall Jenner staan ​​tereg op haar 25ste verjaardag in Halloween. Die model en werklikheidster het soos Pamela Anderson s'n aangetrek "Doringdraad" karakter en het 'n sterbelaaide byeenkoms op Harriet's Rooftop by 1 Warm ...

Travis Scott deletes Instagram after getting trolled for Halloween costume

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Travis Scott has deleted his Instagram account after posting a picture of himself dressed as Batman for Halloween. Fans reaction to the costume was not good, with many trolling him for looking like a bug instead of...

‘SNL’ has Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden read a spooky Halloween story about the election

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New York (CNN Besigheid)In its latest episode, which took place on Halloween, "Saturday Night Live" had Jim Carrey's Joe Biden read a scary story about something that is spooking a lot of Americans: next week's electi...

'N Vader het vir sy dogter 'n seerowerskip van 50 voet gebou vir Halloween

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Beweeg oor Jack Sparrow -- daar is 'n nuwe kaptein aan boord van hierdie seerowerskip. 'N Pa in New York het Halloween gewen deur 'n lengte van 50 meter te bou, 20-voetlange seerowerskip wat voor sy huis in Rochester uittroon. "Ek het...

The rare Halloween Blue Moon called for a breakfast twist at Denny’s

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In honor of the rare Halloween Blue Moon on Saturday, Denny's restaurants in Miami are offering a sandwich of a different color. The restaurant chain is serving its Moons Over My Hammy breakfast sandwich with a twi...

‘Moenie 'n regte spook wees nie,’ Suid-Koreaanse amptenare waarsku, uit vrees vir 'n herlewing van die Halloween-koronavirus

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(Reuters)Suid-Koreaanse amptenare verhoog hul pogings om te verseker dat die plaaslike inwoners tydens Halloween by sosiale riglyne hou, waarsku hierdie jaar se partytjie "kon regtig eng word" as dit probeer om 'n ander herhaling te vermy ...

Hierdie naweek is moer. Halloween, volmaan, tydsverandering en net voor die verkiesing. Hoe gaan ons om?

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Hierdie week is 'n soort Helweek, figuurlik en letterlik. Ons demone kom uit. Die veldtogborde met die strate in ons woonbuurte is besaai met grafstene en spotmoordtonele en geraamte..

Stay inside this Halloween with your household, dokters sê

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With the threat of Covid-19, trick-or-treating may not be safe this year and kids should be kept home, three professors from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine warned in written statements on We...

A French bulldog is wearing a different Halloween costume every day this month

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There's a dog in Texas dazzling more than 13,000 followers on Instagram with his Halloween costumes. Toad, known by his handle Goodboy.Toad, is delighting fans with #toads31daysofhalloween, a hashtag people can fol...

Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, looks ageless as she campaigns to save Halloween

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If there's a solid reason for staying out of the sun like a vampire, it's Elvira's stunning face. The 69-year-old iconic horror character, real name Cassandra Peterson, debuted a "Don't Cancel Halloween" video on T...

Harley Quinn, Fortnite, en, ja, Baby Yoga, are the Halloween costumes people are searching for on Google this year

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Halloween is fast approaching, and while it will be different this year due to the pandemic, that doesn't mean people won't be decorating their homes and dressing up. Google has compiled a ranking of the top Hallow...

Airbnb will block one-night reservations on Halloween in a bid to stop parties that could spread the coronavirus

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Looking forward to throwing a Halloween party at the end of the month? Wel, don't expect to rent an Airbnb to host it. The company announced on Friday that it is banning one-night Airbnb reservations over the Hallo...

A Connecticut man’s Halloween display features real-life horrors: The coronavirus and Black lives lost

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While Americans decorate their homes with ghosts and goblins this Halloween, a Connecticut man has decided to put up a much scarier scene. Matt Warshauer erected a multipaneled Halloween display in front of his home...

A rare blue moon will light up the sky on Halloween

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Spooky season is almost upon us -- and this year it will be a little bit spookier. The night sky on Halloween will be illuminated by a blue moon, the second full moon in a month. The relatively rare occurrence happe...

This man has an idea to keep trick-or-treating safe this Halloween

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An Ohio man has an idea to keep the coronavirus from knocking on his door this Halloween. Andrew Beattie last Saturday shared on Facebook a photo of a orange and black "candy chute" he made with his 6-year-old daug...

More pandemic fallout: No Peeps for Halloween and Christmas

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This year has given us yet another trick and one less treat. Just Born Quality Confections, the company that produces Peeps, says its holiday-themed marshmallow treats will not be in Halloween candy baskets this ye...

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