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Hannity slams New York Times, Maggie Haberman for ‘fake’ Pulitzer-prys

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Hannity pointed out the President hasn't made good on many of his promises to voters. "Without a doubt, Joe Biden's first couple of months, they have been an unmitigated disaster. He's not even getting his radical Ne...

Hannity: Maggie Haberman, other ‘Trump stalkersat New York Times should return their fake Pulitzer

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NYT'S MAGGIE HABERMAN CAN'T QUIT TRUMP Haberman was frequently lauded in the mainstream media for her coverage of the Trump White House with reports on palace intrigue, alleged Russian collusion, and other anti-Trump...

Migrerende vroue gedwing om handel te dryf deur handelaars aan die suidelike grens; Sara Carter berig oor ‘Hannity’

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"Ons praat van kinders van agt jaar oud, verkoop aan prostitusie. Dit is net afgryslik," Carter gesê. "Regoor die wêreld, meer as 25 miljoen mense word aan mensehandel en slawerny onderwerp. In ...

Hannity questions why Biden’s staff doesn’t let him answer questions

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"As predicted by any objective measure, the meeting was an order train wreck. Putin basically gave Joe nothing, the United States nothing. He made not a single concession. There were zero agreements and after the mee...

Die 30 most bizarre lines from Donald Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity

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Out of office and having shut down his revolutionary communications site blog, former President Donald Trump has lost much of his ability to drive the daily national political conversation. But he still has a teleph...

Hannity: Putin received a massive platform in exchange for zero concessions

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The closed-door meeting took place Wednesday afternoon and both leaders held separate press conferences with many taking issue with Putin being allowed the "massiewe" platform. "Let’s be clear, the so-called summit wi...

Hannity: Administration ‘scaredBiden will embarrass himself with Putin

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Leading up to the meeting the United States has suffered from numerous cyberattacks targeting key industries. Hannity took aim at Biden saying, "Now under Biden the era of peace through strength is over. America firs...

Hannity slams Biden’s trip abroad as an ‘unmitigated failure

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"Russia is responsible for two major cyberattacks against our country in recent weeks, Joe. It is supplying America's enemies like Iran with weapons technology and funding. So they can fight a proxy war worldwide on ...

Hannity says CNN, other liberal outlets more concerned with narrative than truth

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Die "Hannity" host touted his own journalistic practices and reiterated the fact that he is upfront about his show taking conservative stands, unlike the hosts on liberal networks. "Unfortunately though, the vast maj...

Hannity ‘fearsPutin will ‘eat Joe’s lunchduring upcoming summit

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"The greatest threat to our servicemen and women it's not China, it's not Russia, it's not Iran or North Korea, it's not radical Islamic terrorists or it's not nuclear war. Geen, according to President "sippy cup" Joe,...

Hannity Exclusive: Die president van Guatemala stel die regering van Biden voor vir gemengde boodskappe

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Carter, 'n medewerker van Fox News, het met Giammattei gepraat kort nadat Harris na Mexiko vertrek het; na aanleiding van wat sowel liberale as konserwatiewe kritici 'n rampspoedige besoek aan die noordelike driehoek deur die Californi genoem het..

Hannity: Die hoofoorsaak van massa-onwettige migrasie is Joe Biden en Kamala Harris

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In 'n onderhoud met NBC, Visepresident Kamala Harris het verkeerdelik beweer dat sy die suidelike grens besoek het, en selfs gasheer Lester Holt het daarop gewys dat sy nie het nie. "Natuurlik, dit is waar dat sy nog nie in Europa was nie ...

Hannity shreds Dems on border crisis response, Biden admin ‘aiding and abettinglawbreaking

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"Onthou, with the left in America today, the New Green Deal socialists, there is no room for freedom of speech, freedom of thought," hy het gesê. "There’s no difference of opinion allowed, no debate allowed. You submit...

‘Hannity’ exclusive shows Guatemalans want ‘trade not aidas they rebuff Harris visit, Biden policies

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Carter told host Sean Hannity she spoke to people both in Guatemala City – the capital – and San Rafael, a town farther to the west near Quetzaltenango. "They can tell you they don't trust the United States, they don...

Hannity ontplof Fauci: Meer geïnteresseerd in gewildheid onder medievriende as om wetenskap te volg

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HANNITEIT: Die verhaal van die week, die misleiding van dokter Fauci. In plaas daarvan om die wetenskap te volg, in plaas daarvan om na kundiges te luister, e-pos onthul nou dat doktor Fauci meer daarin belangstel om gewild te wees onder sy biblioteek..

Hannity knocks Fauci after emails released: ‘Any idiotcould have ‘realizedplausibility of Wuhan lab leak

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HANNITEIT: Nou, Fauci and the entire world knew that the Wuhan facility was experimenting with gain of function with coronaviruses. Logically, any idiot could have realized on January 31, 2020, that a Wuhan lab leak wa...

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