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Die linkse het 'verwerp’ die hele idee van konvensionele wysheid: Victor Davis Hanson

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Die Links het soort van die hele idee van konvensionele of ontvangde wysheid verwerp. Dit was vroeër dat Demokrate met Republikeine saamgestem het dat jy 'n grens met unieke gebruike moes hê, tradisie...

Hillary Clinton is die verbinding met al die Trump-Rusland-leuens, maar sy dink sy is immuun: Victor Davis Hanson

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Al hierdie beginsels of dit nou Marc Elias is of [Michael] Sussmann of Rodney Joffe of Robby Mook, hulle moet 'n besluit neem en dit is wil hulle 'n misdryf op hul rekord kry, run up ...

Democrats ‘desperately looking for magic escape routeahead of midterms: Victor Davis Hanson

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: I think every week in the larger landscape [Democrats focus on] Jan.. 6, or now it's Roe v. Wade or Putin's price hike or the Ukrainian war because they're desperately looking for some magic escap...

Victor Davis Hanson rips the Democratic Party: They’re the party of the ‘elitewho despise the middle class

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Hulle het gesê. "Wel, we don't have the people, but we have the institutions, corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, Silikon vallei, K-12 academia. So, we can influence opinion without having a majority ...

Reversal of Disney’s self-governing status ‘ironicsays historian Victor Davis Hanson

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Hanson told "Hannity" the dissolution of Disney's self-governing status is an ironic counteraction to the trend of corporations like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball denouncing or acting against a ...

Biden admin resembles ‘gimmick of the week’: Victor Davis Hanson

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The obvious question is, OK, let's develop the oil we have at home and the precious metals and minerals and the timber that we're not using. And we can do it more ecologically sound than anybody ...

Victor Davis Hanson predicts Biden will seal the southern border under these 2 voorwaardes

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Recent polling suggests as many as 50 percent of Hispanic voters are more inclined to vote Republican on generic ballots, Hanson said Friday, which could doom Democrats' midterm prospects. Many Hispanic-American vot...

Victor Davis Hanson: Russia’s Ukraine invasion a wake-up call to AOC and ‘Squad

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: If the United States is [energy independent] … then we don't beg people in the Middle East or Russia to help us. If the oil price [is] matig, the economies in the West thrive, and Vladimir Put...

Democrats will choose to ‘go down to glorious defeat as revolutionary’: Hanson

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LARA TRUMP: DEMS ARE GOING TO 'WOKE THEMSELVES RIGHT OUT OF THEIR SEATS' IN MIDTERMS Hanson told host Jesse Watters that Democrats are "at the end of the hallway and there's only three doors out." Door A is to play ...

Trudeau, Liberals creating a ‘Tiananmen square’ toneel: Victor Davis Hanson

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In 1989, Chinese Communist troops in tanks and armed with rifles attacked their own civilians in Tiananmen Square, leading to the iconic photo of a single protester standing face to face with a government tank. Aan "T ...

[object Window],’ [object Window],’ [object Window]: Victor Davis Hanson

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Hanson, [object Window], [object Window] "wakker geword" [object Window] "kwaad" en "wreed" [object Window] "[object Window]" "[object Window].

Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats are ‘revolutionaries’ pushing radical agenda ‘even if it explodes’

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SY. RICK SCOTT: SUBURBAN VOTERS ARE REJECTING DEMOCRATS’ RADICAL AGENDA VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: They’re the greatest revolutionaries we’ve seen in a generation. Whether it’s packing the court or ending the filibuste...

Victor Davis Hanson: Fauci is acting like a ‘monarchwith ‘legislative, judicial and executive power

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During an address on the White House's latest strategy to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Biden opened by applauding Fauci, who Biden said he sees more than his own wife. Biden went on to joke that Fauci is ...

Victor Davis Hanson predicts full ‘reckoning’ in middeltermyn: Biden will face a ‘grassroots revolution

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"There’s going to be a reckoning" Hanson told "Tucker Carlson Vanaand." "I think whether it’s Mexican-American communities on the border or where I live, or soccer moms mad about what’s being taught in schools, dis ...

Victor Davis Hanson: The dangerous, diminishing power of the independent American citizen

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The spiraling prices of cars, gas, toestelle, hout, huise, and food are revisiting the miseries of the 1970s. Anarchy defines the border. A new divisive tribalism centers on "critical race theory." ACTIVIST WHO ...

Victor Davis Hanson: The elite class won’t be affected by their own open borders agenda

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Met 2 million new illegal aliens projected to travel across the Rio Grande in 2021, the result will be a multifaceted "ramp," Het Hanson gesê "Tucker Carlson Today." "It sure won't affect the people who engineere...

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