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Piers Morgan on Biden’s vow to defend Taiwan: This ‘crazy situationkeeps happening

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US MILITARY WILL DEFEND TAIWAN 'IF IT ES TO THAT,' BIDEN SAYS PIERS MORGAN: I think someone should tell President Biden what the policy is because the White House says he stuck to longtime policy, but he clearly hasn...

Esper says he didn’t quit despite Trump concerns so he could ‘prevent bad things’ from happening to country

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During a wide-ranging interview on "Relazione speciale" hosted by Bret Baier, Esper was asked about a series of explosive accusations he made against the former president in his new memoir, "A Sacred Oath," where he clai...

La mamma della Florida ha intentato una causa dopo che il bambino è passato a scuola senza il suo consenso: 'Succede dappertutto’ NOI

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MASSACHUSETTS GENITORI SUE SCHOOL, DIRE UFFICIALI INCORAGGIA I BAMBINI A USARE NUOVI NOMI, PRONOMI SENZA CONSENSO La mamma della Florida e la professionista della salute mentale January Littlejohn e il suo avvocato Vernadette Broyles discutono...

L'ex presidente dell'Ucraina: [object Window], [object Window]

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rappresentante. Boebert on Left’s agenda for kids: What is happening in America?

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Liberal bureaucrats "are doing anything in their power to protect these people who want to sexualize and groom our children," she told host Laura Ingraham. "And now to hear … that we have these ‘minor-attracted perso...

Tucker Carlson: Quello che sta succedendo ai camionisti in Canada rivela il futuro degli Stati Uniti

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Quello che sta succedendo ai camionisti in Canada rivela il futuro degli Stati Uniti. Pelosi difende le sanzioni di Biden dal ‘tiranno. Pelosi difende le sanzioni di Biden dal ‘tiranno. Pelosi difende le sanzioni di Biden dal ‘tiranno.

2 Houston 9-year-old girls shot by stray bullets in 1 settimana: ‘There is something happening in Houston

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Il primo, Ashanti Grant, was shot in the head last week during an apparent road rage incident while she was traveling with her family to the grocery store around 9 p.m. Feb. 8. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announc...

Ukraine should be able to count on help from the UN against Russian aggression but it’s not happening

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President Joe Biden was hoping the Security Council would take "a critical step in rallying the world" against Russia’s threat to Ukraine. Team Biden wanted Russia to explain why they have 130,000 troops around Ukrai...

The boxy Bollinger Motors electric SUV isn’t happening anytime soon

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The privately funded startup is postponing its plans to introduce the boxy B1 SUV that it first unveiled in 2017. The Bollinger Motors B2 is a pickup version of the B1. (Bollinger Motors) The B1's ba...

Il fratello di Karen Carpenter, Richard, condivide un ricordo preferito della "Superstar": 'Stava succedendo tutto così in fretta’

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Era 1971 quando il duo, conosciuti come falegnami, ha vinto un Grammy come miglior nuovo artista. "Non è passato nemmeno un anno dall'uscita di "Close to You"," il cantante/cantautore ha detto a Fox News. "Stava accadendo tutto così in fretta. ...

Democrats want Biden to change his style, but that’s not happening

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Virtually every day, I see a headline along the lines of Democrats Say Biden Needs to Talk More About X. Here’s one in the Washington Post: "Democratic Allies Press the White House to Focus More — And Say More — on I...

Halloween torna nei principali parchi a tema durante la pandemia: Ecco cosa sta succedendo

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Nel 2020, a causa della pandemia, i principali parchi a tema in tutto il paese hanno annullato o ridimensionato le loro celebrazioni annuali di Halloween. Quest'anno, tuttavia, molti di questi parchi hanno riaperto e stanno programmando di festeggiare...

Tucker Carlson: We must hold someone accountable for what is happening in Afghanistan

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If you were watching television in April of 1975, April 30th, you remember it well. It was the single most humiliating day in the history of the United States abroad. American officials fleeing in terror as a peasant...

Nicolas Cage says Joe Exotic role in Amazon series isn’t happening: ‘No longer relevant

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Following the immense success of the highly improbable Netflix documentary series "Tiger King: Omicidio, Caos e follia" nel 2020, the eclectic actor was tapped for an eight-part dramatization of the life of the ser...

Greg Gutfeld: Something funny is happening to the Democrats right now

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After a year of portraying the police as murderous racists, they're now faced with a body count that would make the Wuhan lab blush. They're now out of excuses. But oh they try, don't they? Peter Doocy: the presiden...

Gen. Keane: Nessun presidente ha tenuto "informati e consigliati" gli americani’ su ciò che sta accadendo in Medio Oriente

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GEN. JACK KEANE: Fondamentalmente non sono d'accordo con il presidente Trump che annuncia a 1 Ritiro di maggio, anche se aveva in mente che ci sarebbero state determinate condizioni prima che gli Stati Uniti si ritirassero, e quello...