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How extreme heat hits our most vulnerable communities the hardest

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Heat already kills more Americans than any other weather-related disaster, according to the National Weather Service -- and climate change is making these extreme events even more dangerous. The Northwest's record-...

Why the jump in the Native American population may be one of the hardest to explain

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The Native American population grew to its largest size in generations after years of fighting for an accurate Census tally. The jump was surprising, experts and advocates say, and much more complicated than the res...

Princess Anne is ‘a country woman at heart’ who ‘never cared for celebrity’ as ‘hardest working’ royal: doc

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Princess Anne turns 71 on Sunday – and she will celebrate in a no-nonsense manner that befits her reputation in Britain. Per anni, the princess has been widely admired for her work ethic, sporting pedigree – she com...

Il panificio del Texas regala migliaia di dollari in generi alimentari per aiutare i più duramente colpiti dalle tempeste

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I proprietari di una panetteria locale ad Austin, Texas, stanno aiutando la loro comunità a liberarsi dalle devastanti tempeste invernali che hanno colpito la scorsa settimana donando cibo per migliaia di dollari a chi ne ha bisogno. The stor ...

As Election Day drags on, waiting is the hardest part

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We were warned what could happen. Premonitions of a "red mirage" from in-person votes favoring President Donald Trump tallied before mail-in ballots skewing to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump casting doubt on th...