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Reducing harmful air pollution has led to a surprising effect — more hurricanes in the North Atlantic

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As the US and Europe worked for decades to reduce air pollution for the sake of public health and the planet, scientists found an unintended and challenging consequence: an increase in tropical storms in some region...

The harmful trope that’s still haunting queer TV

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For four seasons, "Killing Eve" seduced fans with a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between the titular Eve, a British intelligence agent, and the assassin Villanelle -- two women bound by blood and crime who shared a...

Sy. Rubio rips corporations lobbying on behalf of China: ‘Harmful to US national interest

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TUCKER CARLSON: WHILE CHINA BUYS UP AMERICAN FARMLAND, WE MAY RUN OUT OF FOOD SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Corporations are in the business of making money. That's what they do. That's the only way they can survive. But nowaday...

Permanent daylight saving time may be harmful to our health, sê kenners

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"Of the three choices—permanent daylight saving time, permanent standard time or where we are now, which is switching between the two—I think permanent DST is the worst solution," het dr. Phyllis Zee, director of th...

California woman’s alleged fake abduction reinforced a harmful anti-Latino narrative, advocates and scholars say

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When Sherri Papini claimed she was abducted in Northern California, investigators were led to believe they were looking for two Hispanic women who spoke Spanish, played Mariachi music and fed her mostly tortillas an...

How Chuck Grassley’s ‘work ethicand ‘your peoplecomments to Korean American judicial nominee perpetuate harmful model minority myth

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Washington Cringeworthy, beledigend, obtuse: There are many words that accurately describe Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley's remarks on Wednesday to Lucy Koh, a Korean American judicial nominee to the US Court of ...

China’s loosely regulated rocket debris could be dangerousand harmful to US industry

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The craft launched just over a week ago carrying components for China’s upcoming Tianhe space station. Its first stage rocket, for undisclosed reasons, traveled too far up, resulting in an unpredictable, unrestrained...

Wendy’s to remove potentially harmful chemicals from food packaging

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Wendy’s is banning per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from consumer-facing food packaging. The restaurant has pledged to eliminate the potentially harmful chemicals from wrappers, containers and the like acro...

Instagram-regstellingsfunksie wat skadelike dieetvoorwaardes vir gebruikers met eetversteurings bevorder

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Die app se nuwe funksie bied voorgestelde onderwerpe wanneer gebruikers op die soekbalk tik. Hierdie voorstelle dek 'n verskeidenheid onderwerpe, insluitend: "genesende geluide," "huis kantoor" of "olieverf skildery." Egter, Instagram -- watter ...