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What surviving leukemia taught the first Latinx president of Harvard’s student newspaper

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After beating leukemia as a teenager and joining her university newspaper as Covid-19 changed life on campus, Raquel Coronell Uribe is now making Harvard history. Coronell Uribe, 23, will be the first Hispanic presi...

Harvard’s endowment swells by $11.3 billion as 20% of US households lose all savings during pandemic

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Harvard’s endowment, driven by a nearly 34% return on its investment, ballooned to more than $ 53 miliardi, the university’s annual financial report published Thursday showed. Nel frattempo, nearly one-third of household...

Texas attorney general backs challenge to Harvard’s affirmative action policies at Supreme Court

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that the justices got it wrong in 2016 when they upheld the University of Texas' affirmative action practices, as state officials are now backing a...

Appeals court upholds Harvard’s affirmative action policy

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A Boston-based US appeals court has rejected a challenge to Harvard's affirmative action policy brought by a group representing Asian Americans who claimed the school discriminated against them as it favored Black a...

Appeals court debates fate of Harvard’s affirmative action policies

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US Appeals Court Judge Sandra Lynch pounded lawyers challenging Harvard's affirmative action policies on Wednesday, implicitly disputing their claims of bias against Asian American students and assertions of Supreme...

Affirmative action: Challenge to Harvard’s admissions practices hits federal appeals court

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A federal appeals court will hear a long-running challenge to college affirmative action policies on Wednesday, nearly six years after the case against Harvard began and as America confronts intensifying racial divi...