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Many Americans don’t trust government, and haven’t for a long time: Lawrence Jones

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FOX NEWS SONDAGGIO: SIX IN TEN VOTERS DON'T TRUST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LAWRENCE JONES: The majority of Americans, 60% di loro, that's right, do not trust the federal government, and the distrust largely follows along pa...

Here’s which Biden Cabinet and other top roles haven’t been announced yet

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President-elect Joe Biden has yet to announce several key roles in his incoming administration, including attorney general, labor secretary and commerce secretary. Biden's goal was to have all -- or most -- del suo ...

I giorni canini della Casa Bianca non sono ancora tornati

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Washington La nuova amministrazione sta lavorando ostinatamente nei suoi primi giorni in carica, ma i compagni a quattro zampe del presidente Joe Biden non si stanno ancora unendo. I cani di Biden non si sono ancora trasferiti alla Casa Bianca, un ...

Harris rejects criticism over lack of border visit: ‘And I haven’t been to Europe

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Vice President Kamala Harris pushed back on criticism that she hasn't visited the US-Mexico border in an interview aired on Tuesday by arguing that her travel has been limited during the early days of the Biden admi...

Patricia Heaton says her four sons still haven’t watched ‘Everybody Loves Raymond

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The Emmy-winning actress revealed that they still haven't watched her as Debra Barone in the beloved comedy series "Everybody Loves Raymond." "I’m going to make them sit at my funeral for nine years of 'Raymond,'" th ...

I più importanti repubblicani del Congresso non hanno ancora riconosciuto la vittoria di Biden

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Il presidente eletto Joe Biden ha esortato il paese "per abbassare la temperatura" in his victory speech on Saturday night, but Republican leaders he'll have to work with in Congress have either urged President Donald Trump to ...

Cuomo scandals ‘only a surprise to people who haven’t been watching Fox’: Markowicz

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MARKOWICZ: intendo, this is only a surprise to people who might not be watching Fox because this has barely been covered on other stations and in other news media. … I think the Cuomo as the hero of the pandemic sto...

The biggest election fraud story you haven’t heard about

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President Donald Trump talks incessantly about the dangers of mail-in balloting in 2020 -- even as what he cites as examples of this alleged fraud are almost always explained away as simple human error. Which brings...