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Colombia’s presidential vote headed for a runoff

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Bogota Colombia's presidential election appears destined for a runoff, after preliminary results on Sunday showed no candidate had garnered over 50% of the votes. Met 98% of the votes counted, early results showed l...

Here’s how redistricting could shift voting power in 5 states headed to polls

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Every 10 jare, states redraw the boundaries of their congressional districts to reflect new population counts from the census. Explore CNN's interactive analysis of how redistricting efforts in the following states...

Biden economic advisor won’t say if US headed towards recession: ‘You can never rule anything out

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During an appearance on CNN's "Nuwe dag," he stated, "You can never rule anything out," as host Brianna Keilar pressed him on the subject and noted Americans weren't feeling good about the economy. White Hou...

McConnell says Democrats ‘headed toward a pretty good beating’ in midterms

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Verskyn op "Fox News Sondag," McConnell said he’s confident Republicans will win back majorities in the House and Senate because of the Biden’s administration’s "onbevoegdheid" on issues like the economy and foreign...

Texas Republicans could be headed for a runoff in heated attorney general primary

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The most hotly contested statewide primary in Texas on Tuesday centers on the future of state Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Republican who spearheaded a notorious failed legal challenge to the 2020 election resul...

Michael Bloomberg warns Democrats ‘headed for a wipeoutin midterms

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Citing the recent recall of three school board members in "America’s most liberal city," San Francisco, Bloomberg argued that his party is in need of an "immediate course correction" that prioritizes quality educatio...

Super Bowl secret weapon: Die Bengale’ viral sensation ‘The Cartis headed to Los Angeles

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Move aside Joe Burrow, the true franchise star of the Cincinnati Bengals is rolling towards Super Bowl LVI -- get ready for 'The Cart.' More commonly found in high-school classrooms, the Bengals' three-tiered metal ...

Caleb Williams is headed to USC

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Williams, who wrapped up an impressive freshman season in Norman with the Sooners’ 47-32 victory over Oregon in the Alamo Bowl, announced he was entering the transfer portal on Jan. 3. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTSCOEF...

Cincinnati Bengals win AFC Championship, headed to Super Bowl

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The Cincinnati Bengals are on their way to their first Super Bowl since 1989. The upstart Bengals, led by second-year quarterback Joe Burrow, defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in overtime on Sunday afternoon, en...

Matt Turner headed for transfer to Arsenal from New England

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The 27-year-old got the shutout for the United States on Thursday night in a 1-0 win over El Salvador in a World Cup qualifier. He likely will stay with New England for the first part of the 2022 MLS season, then mov...

Harris headed to Honduras to tackle ‘root causesof illegal immigration

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"The Vice President’s visit will further the commitment she and President-elect Castro made during their December 10 phone call to deepen the partnership between the United States and Honduras and work together to ad...

Oud-NFL wat terughardloop kan nie aanklagte ontwyk nie, tronk toe

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In die vroeë herfs, die 40-jarige Portis het skuldig gepleit aan bedrog in 'n saak wat meer as 'n dosyn afgetrede NFL-spelers behels. Die voormalige All-Pro-hardloper het 'n pleitooreenkoms onderteken waarin hy erken het dat hy met die ander pl..

en hy het 'n diep verbintenis met die gehoor ontwikkel deur twee trefferprogramme The Five en Watters' World’

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"en hy het 'n diep verbintenis met die gehoor ontwikkel deur twee trefferprogramme The Five en Watters' World. 2022 en hy het 'n diep verbintenis met die gehoor ontwikkel deur twee trefferprogramme The Five en Watters' World. Ek het probeer waarsku ons is te ver links op pad," Matthews het getwiet.

64% of Virginia voters say country headed in ‘wrong direction’: Fox News survey

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According to a Fox News Voter analysis survey, 64% of voters believe the country is headed in the "wrong direction" in vergelyking met 36% who believe things are headed in the "right direction." President Joe Bi...

Obama waarsku die kiesers van Virginia dat hulle 'stelling maak oor watter rigting ons as 'n land op pad is’ in nuwe advertensie vir McAuliffe

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Voormalige president Barack Obama praat direk met die kamera in 'n nuwe advertensie vir Virginia Demokratiese goewerneur genomineerde Terry McAuliffe, kiesers waarsku dat hul besluit sal neem "'n stelling oor watter rigting ons inslaan...

Going the distance: Giants-Dodgers headed to Game 5 Donderdag

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Los Angeles' 7-2 win over San Francisco on Tuesday night in Game 4 of the NL Division Series evened the series and sent the first Major League Baseball playoff matchup between teams with at least 105 wins to Game 5 T ...

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