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Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara attends another red carpet, shares face wounds are healing after dog bite

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Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara walked another red carpet in Los Angeles on Wednesday, revealing that the scars on her face from a recent dog attack are healing quite nicely. The 25-year-old actress, who appears in th...

How Orlando’s LGBTQ Latino community is healing and mobilizing five years after the Pulse massacre

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Joél Junior Morales was at Pulse the week before a gunman killed 49 people there. Morales had moved to Orlando a few years earlier in search of his "persone" -- namely LGBTQ people and fellow Puerto Ricans. He found...

Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer speaks about ‘healingjourney after shooting, dognapping

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In a post shared to his Instagram on Monday, Ryan Fischer opened up about the February incident and the difficulties he's faced in his recovery and finding a new normal. "'You’re Ryan! You got shot. You were shot! Wh ...

"Spazio di guarigione segregato della scuola di MA’ esclusi esplicitamente gli studenti bianchi: denuncia

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Secondo i genitori che difendono l'istruzione (PDE) denuncia, Le scuole pubbliche di Wellesley hanno inviato un invito ad Asian American, Nero, Studenti indigeni e persone di colore per partecipare all'evento, esplicitamente vietato ...

UNC holds Black-only ‘healing sessionafter Chauvin verdict

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Chauvin, 45, è stato accusato di omicidio involontario di secondo grado, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter nearly a year after he kneeled on the neck of George Floyd, a Black Minneapolis man, for nine minut...

A student harnessed the power of beets to make healing from surgery saferand more equitable

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Dasia Taylor didn't expect to become a nationally recognized scientist at 17 Anni. The Iowa student has dedicated her life to equity work, from serving as one of her school district's diversity equity leaders t...

After Sharon Osbourne exit, ‘The Talkreturning Monday with ‘discussion about race and healing

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The break was prompted by a tense discussion between Osbourne, 68, and co-host Sheryl Underwood over Osbourne's vocal support of Piers Morgan, whose frequent and intense criticism of Meghan Markle has widely been dee...

Ree Drummond says husband Ladd, nephew Caleb are ‘healingone month after truck collision

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Il "Donna pioniera" shared a positive update on her magazine's Instagram account on Wednesday night. "Ladd and Caleb are healing up after their accident on the ranch. ❤️," a caption underneath a photo of her husband,...

Un ex negozio della supremazia bianca e spazio per riunioni del Ku Klux Klan viene trasformato in un centro comunitario per promuovere la guarigione

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Un predicatore della Carolina del Sud e un residente locale stanno trasformando quello che una volta era un luogo di incontro del Ku Klux Klan in un centro comunitario dedicato all'educazione e alla lotta contro l'ingiustizia razziale. Nel profondo di Laurens si trova la h ...