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FDA issues proposal to create new category of over-the-counter hearing aids

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Once finalized, the rule would allow the hearing aids to be sold to consumers in stores and online without a medical exam or a fitting by an audiologist. It would apply to certain air-conduction hearing aids intended...

Biden border nominee faces Senate confirmation hearing amid migrant crisis, pressure on agents

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The current situation, coupled with Magnus’s record of being lax on illegal immigration, is causing concern among Republicans over the nomination, and will likely result in some tense grilling as he faces questions. ...

Murdaugh lawyer says client ‘understandshe’s going to prison for stealing money, waives extradition hearing

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Murdaugh has maintained his innocence in the shooting deaths of his wife and son, but his attorney Dick Harpootlian acknowledged that his client has "reconciled" the fact he will face prison time for stealing million...

Alex Murdaugh waives his extradition hearing in Florida, will return to South Carolina to face charges

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Alex Murdaugh waived an extradition hearing in Florida on Friday, according to the Orange County Corrections office, and is expected to return to South Carolina to face charges related to the misappropriation of set...

Hearing you’ve won a Nobel is incredible for most people. For some, it just spoils their sleep

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London At five o'clock in the morning, the esteemed 86-year-old astrophysicist Jim Peebles was woken suddenly by the telephone ringing. "In previous experience, the only phone calls at that time of night are bad news...

Christen Limbaugh Bloom: Be open to hearing from the Holy Spirit in new ways

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Whether you’re a brand new believer or someone who has been a follower of Christ for many years, you’ve likely questioned at some point how to know when God is really speaking to you. Most of us err on the side of c...

The horrific cost of not hearing what women athletes are telling us

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Amy Bass (@bassab1) is a professor of sport studies at Manhattanville College and the author of "One Goal: A Coach, a Team, and the Game That Brought a Divided Town Together" y "Not the Triumph but the Struggle: Th ...

Britney Spears’ latest conservatorship hearing gets underway

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As Judge Penny listens to several issues regarding the pop star's case including whether to keep Spears' father as her conservator or whether to end the conservatorship altogether, #FreeBritney supporters gathered ou...

Su. Sasse on ‘Kilmeade Show’: Afghanistan hearing a ‘disasterfor the White House

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RETIRO DE AFGANISTÁN: AUSTIN, MILLEY TESTIFY AGAIN AFTER TENSE HEARING: LIVE UPDATES BEN SASSE: Obviamente, yesterday's hearing was a disaster for the White House because it's increasingly clear that President Biden...

Milley, Austin to face new round of Afghanistan questions in House hearing after contradicting Biden

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Austin, Milley and McKenzie are set to testify Wednesday at 9:30 soy. Y. The trio faced a full day of questioning from lawmakers on the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday in open and closed sessions. There are...

Hannity incendia a Biden después de una audiencia explosiva en el Senado: todos los que testificaron dijeron que está mintiendo

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Los comentarios de Hannity se producen inmediatamente después de una audiencia en el Senado con líderes militares sobre el manejo de la crisis en Afganistán por parte de la administración Biden, que ha dejado a los aliados varados y un mayor peligro dentro del país. ...

Milley, Austin, McKenzie to testify on chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal at Senate hearing

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The hearing comes nearly a month after the Biden administration, en agosto. 31, withdrew all U.S. military assets from the region after having a presence there for 20 years following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. PENT...

El profesor de derecho le dice a Cruz Texas’ La ley de identificación de votantes es racista en un intenso intercambio de audiencias

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Washington Un profesor de derecho le dijo al Partido Republicano Sen. Ted Cruz el miércoles que la ley de identificación de votantes de Texas es racista en un tenso intercambio durante una audiencia del Senado sobre los derechos de voto. Cruz le había pedido a Franita Tolson, el vicedecano de facul..

Former US gymnast calls for ‘follow-throughafter Larry Nassar hearing

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Former US rhythmic gymnast Jessica Howard said Wednesday that she "would really like to see some follow-through" after top US gymnasts gave harrowing testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee about how Federal Bur...

Hannity torches Blinken congressional hearing: ‘Is it possible for one person to be that stupid?’

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"Where is Mike Pompeo where we need him?" Hannity asked, calling Blinken "so totally and completely and utterly clueless it makes Neville Chamberlain look like Patton in comparison." MULTIPLE GOP CONGRESSMEN DEMAND B...

Congresista republicano irrumpe en Blinken durante audiencia en Afganistán: "No necesitamos escuchar mentiras’

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Reps. Brian Mast, R-Fla., que perdió ambas piernas mientras servía en Afganistán, tuvo un acalorado intercambio con Blinken cuando el tiempo asignado por el congresista para interrogar al secretario de estado llegó a su fin. Lechuga de mástil..

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