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Kayleigh McEnany: Slain Chicago cop ‘did a heck of a lot more’ for America than Cori Bush

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KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Sua [Ella French's) brother saying that she had a big heart, she’s always been a person of integrity, she is someone who did the right thing when no one was looking — she deserves to be here now. IO...

Tomi Lahren scoppia in "piagnucolone"’ Gwen Berry: 'Perché diavolo stai gareggiando per conto di questo paese??’

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"Non tutto gira intorno a questi atleti piagnucoloni e quando gareggi per il Team USA è davvero troppo chiedere di mostrare un po' di classe e decenza?" Lahren ha detto nel suo programma Fox Nation "Pensieri finali." Essere...

Charlie Hurt wonders ‘who the heck is in chargeat the White House

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CHARLIE HURT: I don't know what [Biden's] trying to do, and if the idea is to try to get attention for himself, he's obviously getting attention for himself but not in a good way. It's really creepy, it's really weir...