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Mets’ Michael Conforto mum on whether he’d get the coronavirus vaccine

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Conforto was asked about whether his Mets teammates would get the vaccine at some point this season if and when it becomes available, according to the New York Daily News. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "It’s...

‘Minarijust won best foreign-language film. The director feared he’d have to make the movie in English

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If it weren't for a producer's persistence, the movie that won best foreign-language film at the Golden Globes might have been made in English instead. "Minari" writer-director Lee Isaac Chung told CNN in a recent i...

'N Visser in Florida het 'n gator gevang waarna hy al drie jaar gekyk het. Dit het meer as geweeg 1,000 pond

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For three years Corey Capps had been dreaming of catching the massive alligator in the river behind his home in Blountstown, Florida. Now he can say he's done it. Capps told CNN he and his wife were taking a boat ...

A carjacker took a couple hostage on their way to church. He’d just shot four people, ondersoekbeamptes sê

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Aileen and Jordan Stevens were driving to church Sunday when a car rear-ended their Ford Mustang along Interstate 24 in Tennessee. It was about 9:30 am. -- Aileen Stevens was teaching Sunday School that morning at ...