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California home invasion suspects held elderly couple bound with belts, threatened to shoot toddler: policía

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The San Jose Police Department on Thursday said three men and a minor had been taken into custody. They were identified as Armando Manzano and Daniel Mendez, ambos 19; Eduardo Santiago, 23; and a 17-year-old who wasn'...

A woman used Grubhub to contact police while she was allegedly being held hostage in the Bronx

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A 24-year-old woman used Grubhub to contact police while she was allegedly being held hostage in the Bronx over the weekend, según denuncia penal. The unidentified woman, who had agreed to meet up with ...

El candidato republicano al Congreso, Carl Paladino, dijo que los afroamericanos son “retenido hambriento y mudo” y “acondicionado” votar por los demócratas

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El candidato republicano al Congreso de Nueva York, Carl Paladino, dijo a un locutor de radio a finales 2016 que los negros americanos fueron mantenidos "tonto y hambriento" por lo que podrían ser condicionados a votar solo por el Partido Demócrata, diciendo, "...

Patricio Lyoya disparando: El oficial de Michigan Christopher Schurr se declara no culpable, se ordena retener en un bono de $ 100K

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cristobal schurr, apareciendo por video desde la carcel, dijo pocas palabras durante la breve audiencia, ya que en su mayoría respondió preguntas de procedimiento sobre sus derechos y ciertos documentos. El juez de Grand Rapids, Nicholas Ayoub, entró en un....

Suspect held as Brazil steps up search for missing British journalist and researcher in remote Amazon

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Brazilian authorities said Wednesday they have detained a suspect in the case of a missing British journalist and indigenous affairs expert -- but are yet to establish whether the man was linked to their disappearan...

New York hooded robbery suspects who held up store clerk at gunpoint being sought

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The suspects entered the store in Queens around 12:05 soy. en mayo 2 wearing hoodies and black face masks. One suspect approached the counter and pointed a handgun at the 31-year-old clerk, the New York Police Departm...

Rob Kardashian claims Blac Chyna held gun to his head ‘several times,’ didn’t love model when pair got engaged

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El primero "Robar & Chyna" estrella, 35, claimed during testimony in a defamation suit filed by Chyna, 33, against the Kardashian clan that the former exotic dancer physically abused him. He said their relationship dev...

RNC spokesman slams ‘fraudulentBLM for failing to help Black communities: ‘Need to be held accountable

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PANIES THAT LOUDLY SUPPORTED BLM FALL SILENT WHEN CONFRONTED WITH SKYROCKETING BLACK MURDERS PARIS DENNARD: When it comes to the Black Lives Matter organization and the foundation, they have been shown to be conducti...

Dave Rubin rips Disney CEO for being held ‘hostageby ‘woke’ agenda: ‘This isn’t going to end well

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WOKE DISNEY: 10 FAMILIES WHO ARE SWEARING OFF DISNEY DUE TO ITS LEFT-LEANING POLITICS DAVE RUBIN: What's very sad about this Disney situation is they stepped into the woke swamp, and they cannot get themselves out. T ...

Russian officials must be ‘held accountable for war crimes’: Gen. Breedlove

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RET. GEN. BREEDLOVE: Lavrov is the liar-in-chief. I was once in Munich at a huge conference and a Turkish ambassador sitting next to me fooled me with an old joke. Él dijo, "Do you know how you can tell when Lavrov i...

Exclusivo: Biden administration secures release of Afghan-American Naval reservist who was held by Taliban

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The Biden administration on Friday secured the release of Safi Rauf, 27, an Afghan-American Naval reservist who was doing humanitarian work in Kabul and who had been in captivity under the Taliban since December. Fuera...

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Chernobyl staff held hostage by Russian troops for weeks rotated: IAEA

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Ukrainian officials informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that many of the staff who were forced to stay at the Chernobyl plant as Russian forces seized the facility have been allowed to return home. ...

WNBA star Brittney Griner among Americans being held on ‘false chargesin Russia, congresswoman says

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Griner’s arrest was first reported over the weekend by The New York Times. She was arrested at a Moscow airport after Russian authorities said a search of her luggage revealed she had vape cartridges, which were said...

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