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Biden criticizes ‘foreign ownedshipping companies for helping to drive inflation as he signs new law

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President Joe Biden on Thursday signed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act into law, celebrating a bipartisan win aimed at boosting the supply chain amid sky-high inflation and fears of a recession. The President also att...

Mayra Flores will win Texas special election, helping Republicans flip Democratic House seat, Proyectos de CNN

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Republican Mayra Flores will win the special election for Texas' 34th Congressional District, Proyectos de CNN, giving Republicans an additional seat in the House. Flores will best a field of four candidates -- two Repu...

Un himnario afirmativo está ayudando a los cristianos LGBTQ a mantener la fe

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Pregúntale a cualquier cristiano, y es probable que le digan que sus primeras experiencias con la religión son con la música. Los recuerdos de voces que se llenan de canciones o de una abuela que tararea suavemente una melodía favorita pueden tener un valor sagrado..

New York Magazine touts helping readers get an abortion with front-page guide for women

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"This magazine can help you get an abortion," the cover reads in bright yellow letters atop a tangelo background. The magazine’s front-page is headlined by an article from Irin Carmon, who provided a "future of abor...

Musk compra Twitter, Bezos sugiere beneficios de China; Grupo financiado por Soros que ayuda a planificar la política de Biden

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'NO CONFIABLE Y BRILLANTE' - estadounidenses en Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA., están divididos sobre si la compra de Twitter por parte de Elon Musk ayudará o dificultará la libertad de expresión. Seguir leyendo... SILENCIO DE LA JUSTICIA SOCIAL - Empresas que ruidosamente...

Texas National Guard soldier remains missing after helping rescue two migrants suspected of drug trafficking

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A Texas Army National Guard soldier who went missing Friday during a rescue mission along the border with Mexico has not yet been found, according to a release from the Texas Military Department (TMD). Local law e...

Aid groups helping Ukraine face both cyber and physical threats

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Employees at Insecurity Insight, a Switzerland-based nonprofit, received a string of malicious links and pornographic material on their cell phones after publishing a report last month on Russian attacks on hospital...

Pentagon finally gets serious about helping Ukraine defeat Russia

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That’s an upgrade and about time. Based on the list of new weapons going to Ukraine, the Pentagon must see some serious Russian attacks coming. Así que no tuve problemas con nadie., somebody lit a fire under the Pentagon staff. Deliveries wi...

This Texas teacher is helping make her studentsmenstrual cycles a little easier

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This Texas teacher's goal is to provide everything she can for her students -- and that includes pads and tampons. As an eighth grade teacher in Austin, Kylie DeFrance's students are between the ages of 12 y 14. T ...

Peyton Manning helping Russell Wilson on transition to Denver Broncos

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Both won a Super Bowl with their original team, before making a mid-career move to become the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Después 10 seasons of quarterbacking the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson is adjusting ...

State official suing over rescission of Title 42 border policy says Biden is helping cartels

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Missouri Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt said the rescission of Title 42, effective later this month, will unleash a "tsunami" of illegal immigrants. Schmitt's comments come only days after a video captured ...

Special ops veteran helping Ukrainians says US aid not reaching front lines: ‘Absolutely ridiculous

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Velicovich, who has been on the ground in Ukraine for weeks providing aid, dicho en "El enfoque de Faulkner" Thursday that his team is working with the Ukrainian government to locate and extract more than 10,000 orphans t...

Ukrainian florist who lives in Charlotte is helping refugees from afar

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Olga and Nick Nikolayenko moved to the U.S. from Ukraine about five years ago. Now Olga is a florist in Charlotte, Carolina del Norte, and has found a way to help their home country from afar. The couple says they were ...

Zelenskiy: West needs more courage in helping Ukraine fight

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Speaking after U.S. President Joe Biden said in a lacerating speech that Russian President Vladimir Putin could not stay in power — words the White House immediately sought to downplay — Zelenskyy lashed out Sunday a...

Teniente. Gen. Keith Kellogg: Helping Ukraine win is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reset the world stage

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HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, 96, IS KILLED IN UKRAINE: LIVE UPDATES GEN. KEITH KELLOGG: This should not be about NATO unity, while that's important, this is all about Ukraine and Ukraine is winning the fight today. The Russia...

She became a refugee as a teenager and now runs a non-profit dedicated to helping women like herself

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It was the middle of the night when Bibi Bahrami's father awoke her and the rest of the family, telling them they must flee their home immediately. Bahrami, only a teenager at the time, remembers being in a state of...

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