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Locksmith helps save Utah woman who wrote ‘911on her hand in a silent plea for help

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A woman being held in her Midway, Utah, home was rescued Friday after she wrote "911" on her hand to signal that she needed help. Wasatch County Sheriff's deputies were called to the home by a locksmith who'd been h...

This website helps people with illnesses and disabilities participate in Black Lives Matter protests

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Three artists have partnered to launch a digital platform that allows people unable to march in the streets to participate in Black Lives Matter protests. High-profile killings of several Black people by police spar...

DNA evidence helps convict man of killing two women in one of Australia’s most notorious cold cases

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For almost 25 anni, the disappearance of three young women from a popular nightlife area in one of Australia's biggest cities remained a cold case. Adesso, a man has been found guilty of two of their murders. Bradley...

How yoga helps NFL pro bowler Mike Daniels tackle tension

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It might be surprising to people who think of football players training only in the weight room or on the field, but yoga has been a mainstay in the National Football League for quite some time. As a mobility coach ...

Good Samaritan helps 93-year-old Rhode Island man find lost wedding ring

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James Crowley has a lot to be thankful for this year, after being reunited with the wedding ring he lost in a pile of leaves. The 93-year-old Rhode Island native said he spends a lot of time outside his Westerly ho...

I social media aiutano i nativi americani a preservare le tradizioni culturali durante la pandemia

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PUNTO DI LUPO, Mont. (KHN)Lawrence Wetsit perde i giorni in cui la sua gente si radunava a centinaia e cantava le canzoni che tutti i bambini di Assiniboine dovrebbero imparare per età 15. "Non possiamo fare cerimonie senza di me ...