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From my dad’s death in Afghanistan 20 years ago to Taliban retaking the country. How did we get here?

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My dad was one of the first intelligence officers sent to Afghanistan after 9/11. His death would be world news in less than 24 horas. Photos of my father and pictures of my mourning mother holding me would be in eve...

Thanksgiving is here, but these celebrities are also decorating for Christmas: ‘Because why not?’

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Candace Cameron Bure, Joanna Gaines and others have taken advantage of the month of November in order to enjoy their holiday decorations for longer. Long before Thanksgiving rolled around, Bure, also dubbed the "Chri...

How long should you brush your teeth? Here are some tips from experts

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Las opiniones expresadas en este comentario son únicamente las de los escritores.. CNN presenta el trabajo de The Conversation., una colaboración entre periodistas y académicos para proporcionar análisis y comentarios de noticias. La C...

El ‘Downton Abbey’ el trailer de la secuela está aquí

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los "Abadía de Downton" El tráiler de la secuela ha caído y lleva a la familia a la Riviera francesa.. La película, "Abadía de Downton: Una nueva era," viene dos años después de la "Abadía de Downton" largometraje y cuenta con Tom Branson ...

Sarah Jessica Parker is not here for your ‘misogynistageism

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Sarah Jessica Parker is tackling criticism of her looks as she grows older. Parker says she and her former "Sexo y la ciudad" co-stars have received some negative comments over how their physical appearances have c...

halcones Marinos’ Pete Carroll says without Russell Wilson, he ‘probably wouldn’t have been here a long time

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Amid a three-game skid, head coach Pete Carroll spoke to reporters about Wilson’s injury that kept him sidelined during Monday night’s loss against the New Orleans Saints. SAINTS' JAMEIS WINSTON CHEWS OUT TRE’QUAN S...

Salma Hayek attends ‘Eternals’ premiere with daughter Valentina: ‘Here we are’

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El lunes, the actress attended the Los Angeles premiere of "Eternos" alongside her 14-year-old daughter Valentina. Para la salida, the 55-year-old rocked a black Gucci dress with a golden thigh-high slit and a plun...

Tucker Carlson: Inflation is not a temporary problem, it is real and it is here

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The Federal Reserve was created way back in 1913 by an act of Congress, and it had really two main goals: maximize employment and keep prices stable—keep inflation under control. Those are virtuous goals. But it may ...

Max Lucado: Want to partner with God? Here is the one essential way

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The movies are equally unanimous as to the moment of high drama: Esther and her unsolicited visit to King Xerxes. She stands at the throne room entryway, robed in elegance. The camera can hardly bear to turn away fro...

Kim Kardashian 'SNL’ el monólogo apunta a toda la familia: "Me sorprende verme aquí, también’

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La estrella de la realidad de 40 años subió al escenario con un traje rosa con tacones a juego, y ni un solo miembro de su familia estaba a salvo de sus bromas.. Kim comenzó su monólogo bromeando que estaba sorprendida..

'Game of Thrones’ prequel official teaser is here

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The dragons are coming. The official teaser for "House of The Dragon" has dropped and get ready for all types of action. los "Game of Thrones" sequel looks dark, fiery and a bit of a balm to those missing "GOT" base...

Newt Gingrich: Happy anniversary, Contrato con América. Here comes the next chapter

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That event focused the election debate at a national level. It brought Republicans together on a common, understandable theme. It established a positive agenda, and it created a stunning contrast to the Democrats fiv...

Commerce Secretary hits back at US Chamber: ‘Get in hereand compromise on tax hikes

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The White House's top emissary to the business community hit back at the US Chamber of Commerce Thursday after the powerful lobby launched an ad blitz aimed at sinking President Joe Biden's $ 3.5 trillion infrastru...

Ted Cruz: El administrador de Biden les dijo a los haitianos "pueden quedarse aquí,'Y ellos corren la voz a la familia, amigos

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PSAKI PRESIONADO SI SE OFRECE "ALGUNA VEZ" HACIA LA FRONTERA SUR DE EE. UU.. SU. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: Lo que está sucediendo en Del Río realmente ilustra la causa y efecto del desastre fronterizo de Biden. Para entenderlo realmente ....

Tucker Carlson: Biden knew the border crisis was coming, he wants illegal immigrants here

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Esta noche, there are many more coming. Several large groups of Haitians are coming up from various countries in Latin America, where they have been living, to come here. To be perfectly clear: These are not refugees. T ...

'La vista’ vueltas 25. Aquí están 25 veces el programa nos dio algo de que hablar

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"La vista" regresó para su 25a temporada este mes, con los coanfitriones regresando al estudio con una audiencia en vivo por primera vez desde marzo 2020 debido a la pandemia. Dentro de una semana del debut de la nueva temporada, "...

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