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DeSantis calls on Floridians to give moment of silence for fallen heroes

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DeSantis — a reservist Navy officer — published the tweet Monday in honor of Memorial Day, a holiday dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives in service of this country. In his tweet, DeSantis asked the people o...

Trump elogia a los 'héroes incomparables’ que sacrificó vidas en el ejército de EE. UU.: "Su legado es inmortal’

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"En este Día de los Caídos, recordamos a los héroes caídos que dieron su último suspiro en defensa de nuestra nación, nuestras familias, nuestros ciudadanos, y nuestras sagradas libertades," Trump dijo. "La profundidad de su devoción, el acero de ...

Eternos de Marvel’ lanza el primer avance teaser mostrando un elenco diverso de héroes de cómics

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La película marca la última entrega del Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel, conocido por su éxito de taquilla "Vengadores" películas. Cualquier contenido nuevo es bienvenido para los fanáticos de Marvel dado que la última película de la franquicia llegó cuando "Sp ...

Newt and Callista Gingrich: Armed Forces Day – celebrate the heroes who serve in our US military

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Mayo 15, 2021 is the 71st anniversary of the establishment of Armed Forces Day. This commemorative holiday was established by President Harry Truman in 1950 following the passage of the National Security Act in 1947....

The truth behind the famous meeting of four Black heroes in ‘One Night in Miami

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The story contains spoilers for "One Night in Miami," which is streaming on Amazon Prime. The movie will be up for three Oscars at the Academy Awards Sunday night. En febrero 25, 1964, four African American icons m...

NASA honors its fallen heroes on Day of Remembrance

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is honoring all the men and women who lost their lives while furthering the cause of space exploration and discovery. NASA paid tribute to its fallen heroes ...

In Biden’s Oval Office, Cesar Chavez takes his place among America’s heroes

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The Oval Office décor quickly changed after President Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday. Walls featuring figures such as Andrew Jackson were replaced with portraits of Founding Fathers and busts of civil rights ...

John Roberts praises ‘unsung heroesof pandemic and sidesteps election controversies in annual report

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Chief Justice John Roberts sidestepped the roiling controversy over election results on Thursday instead using his annual report to recall the nation's early history combating pandemics and to praise the "unsung her...

‘We Can Be Heroesgives the kids of superheroes a shot at saving the world

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Writer-director Robert Rodriguez offers an odd mashup of two movies from the 2000s with "We Can Be Heroes," basically the offspring of his "Spy Kids" y "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl." The result is a li...

Five high school freshmen are being called heroes for saving two children from an icy pond

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Five New Jersey teens are being hailed as heroes after they saved two children from falling into an icy pond while they were sledding. They group of high school freshmen, Tyler Armagan, Ryan Day, Joseph Dietrich, K ...

A message from CNN Heroes

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Ya que 2007, CNN Heroes has shined a light on everyday people committed to making the world a better place. Now in its 14th year, CNN Heroes will celebrate the amazing people and extraordinary acts behind the biggest...

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