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Harris Faulkner’s new Fox Nation special highlights the heroic stories of first responders

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El especial, which is now available to stream on Fox Nation, details dramatic rescues ranging from burning buildings to treacherous hiking trails. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER FOX NATION"I cannot wait to watch this," former pre...

El veterano de la guerra de Afganistán se emociona al recordarlo 9/11: "Estados Unidos tiene mucha suerte" para los heroicos miembros del servicio

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Doody se emocionó al recordar los eventos de las últimas dos semanas en Afganistán diciendo que ha sido "tumultuoso," pero es un honor representar a la comunidad de combate de veteranos. Cuando tenía 16 años de edad en la escuela secundaria d ...

Bob Moses’s heroic fight for voting rights should inspire today’s movement, civil rights leaders say

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He spoke in a Boston-accented monotone that barely rose above a whisper, hated personal attention, and was a brilliant Harvard-trained mathematician who quoted Albert Camus. Bob Moses, who died this week at age 86, ...

Fox Nation’s ‘Hero Dogsfocuses on heroic K9s in Afghanistan involved in Bergdahl mission, Bin Laden raid

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Remco and Cairo engaged in two very different missions, and only one survived his – but military members say their heroism should be remembered. The Fox Nation feature comes as President Biden has decided all troops ...

Meet the country’s most heroic canine, a Chihuahua that weighs only 4 libras

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Algunas veces, the smallest things can make the biggest impact. A 4-pound Chihuahua named MacKenzie proved that to be the case after beating more than 400 dogs to win the title of "the country's most heroic canine," C.A...