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New Jersey House candidate gives back to police officers with ‘Heros for Heroes’ initiative

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Prempeh started an initiative called "Heros for Heroes" where he personally delivered meals to all the police officers within his home district, and the district he is running for office in, NJ-9. "What inspired me ...

Eli Steele: 17-year-old rejects all things woke for the hero’s path

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I intentionally asked this question to challenge Daniel’s character as we sat on folding chairs in the modest and comfortable church that his parents built in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn after immigrating f...

Simone Biles receives hero’s welcome upon return to Texas

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Biles and her teammate Jordan Chiles were greeted at the airport by family and fans after winning two medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Biles picked up a silver in the team all-around final and a bronze in the balance be...

'El Halcón y el Soldado de Invierno’ finale completes its ambitious hero’s journey

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Lo siguiente contiene spoilers sobre "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" final. While more conventional than "WandaVision," Marvel's "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" explored a bracingly provocative theme over ...

6-year-old gets hero’s welcome back to school after completing cancer treatment

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The day he took his last dose of treatment, en marzo 25, 2021, his entire school cheered him on. FLORIDA MAN DRIVES LAWN MOWER ACROSS STATE ON MISSION TO HELP HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Nathan Herber was diagnosed with ...

Las memorias póstumas de un héroe de los derechos civiles una guía para los activistas de hoy

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De pie en los escalones de un juzgado, el Rev. Cordy Tindell "CONNECTICUT." Vivian abogó por el derecho de toda persona a votar con "golpes verbales" cuando un sheriff lo golpeó literalmente, golpeándolo y tirándolo al suelo..

A California man saved 10-year-old girl from drowning. Now the girl and her mother are raising money to help pay for the hero’s dream wedding

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The Whiting family was enjoying their last day of vacation on a sunny beach in Monterey, California, when 10-year-old Haylee Whiting got caught in a rip current. Haylee's mom, Samantha Whiting was sitting on the sh...