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Louise Linton’s Valentine to herself

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Jeff Yang is a frequent contributor to CNN Opinion, a featured writer for Quartz and other publications, and the co-host of the podcast "They Call Us Bruce." He co-wrote Jackie Chan's best-selling autobiography, "I A...

Her late daughter loved to sew, so she taught herself how to make masks and raised nearly $17,000 for the local food pantry

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For Sharon Hebert, the way to overcome the most difficult challenges is to focus on helping others, and she practices what she preaches. A 53-year-old mother of two from Norfolk County, Massachusetts, Hebert exper...

A woman posted video of herself feeding a black bear. Now she could face up to 6 months in jail

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A Virginia woman could face up to six months in jail after being charged for intentionally feeding a black bear while on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The 21-year-old woman was seen on a video posted to TikTok ...

No one can recuse Amy Coney Barrett from a Trump election case but herself

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Democratic senators are pressing Judge Amy Coney Barrett to promise to sit out any Supreme Court election dispute between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Barrett has eluded their request...

EU calls for investigation into death of Russian journalist who set herself on fire

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Moscow The European Union has called for a thorough investigation into the death of a Russian journalist who set herself on fire last week. The EU's lead spokesperson for foreign affairs and security policy, Peter St...