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パッカーズ’ Aaron Rodgers somehow finds Davante Adams for TD as he’s falling down

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On 4th-and-3 with 7:20 to play in the fourth quarter, Green Bay decided to shoot for the first down. Rodgers rolled to his right and it appeared the Washington defense was going to stop the Packers and force the turn...

Al Gore rips Trump’s Covid-19 response: ‘He’s trying to gaslight the virus

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Former Vice President Al Gore said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is "trying to gaslight" コロナウイルス, in a scathing assessment of the administration's response to the pandemic. "He's trying to gaslight t...

ハーバード大学の教授は、第二次世界大戦で性奴隷制を強要された韓国人女性が自発的にそうしたと主張した. 今、彼は反発に直面しています

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ハーバード大学の教授は、韓国の慰安婦が女性を慰めると主張する学術記事を発表した後、国際的な反発を引き起こした -- 兵士とセックスするために大日本帝国に彼らの意志に反して送られました -- 実際ではありませんでした。.

Tom Brady retirement talk starts buzzing following playoff loss, what he’s said recently about it

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Retirement rumors have been buzzing since the start of the playoffs. 複数の報告によると, Brady has been "noncommittal" about the possibility of returning to Tampa Bay for the 2022 シーズン. With the close 30...

Voters in Dem stronghold praise Youngkin on schools. Others worry he’s too close to Trump

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Many Democrats said they're supporting former Gov. Terry McAuliffe to rebuff Trumpism, while Republican voters said they want Glenn Youngkin to win because of his education policies. ほぼ 70% of the county voted fo...

ベン・アフレックは彼が「畏敬の念を抱いている」と言います’ ジェニファーロペスの世界への影響: 彼女は「大勢の人々に刺激を与えました’

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"ジェニファーの世界への影響に畏敬の念を抱いています," オスカー受賞者, 43, 日曜日に公開されたインタビューでアドウィークに語った. "せいぜい, アーティストとして, 人を感動させる映画が作れる. ジェニファーは大規模なインスピレーションを与えました。.

ジャイアンツの共同所有者であるジョン・マーラは、彼が恥ずかしいと認めています’ フランチャイズの州別, ジョージャッジ解雇について話します

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マラは、ヘッドコーチのジョージャッジを解雇し、チームが再びフランチャイズの新時代に着手するにつれて、デイブゲットルマンを総支配人としての地位から引退させるという決定に取り組みました。. その他のスポーツCOVについては、ここをクリックしてください。.

He’s the most popular man on TikTok. And he doesn’t say a word

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When Italy first went into a coronavirus lockdown last year, Khabane Lame had just lost his job at a factory near the northern city of Turin. He spent his days holed up at his parents' home in Chivasso with his thre...

Boxer sues promoter Bob Arum, saying he’s a racist

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Despite Crawford’s obvious flaws as a box office draw, he’s blaming and suing his former promoter, Top Rank’s Bob Arum, for his lack of financial success. クロフォード, a black fighter, claims Arum, a white man, is a rac...

政府. Abbott rips Biden’s ‘reprehensibleattacks on Texas voting bill: He’s ‘willing to lieto ‘get his way

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FoxNewsに出演中 "日曜日の朝の未来," the Republican governor told host Maria Bartiromo that Democrats are "flat-out lying" about what the GOP is doing in Texas, with the media echoing their cla...

A college student made big bucks off GameStop stock. Now he’s donating video games to a children’s hospital

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After making thousands off GameStop stock last week, a 20-year-old college student used his newfound riches to pay it forward to a local children's hospital. Hunter Kahn, a mechanical engineering student at Cornell...

アリ・フライシャーがバイデンの経済の勝利ラップに挑戦: 彼は「台本のあるトロイの木馬」です’

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"ジョブが作成されている理由は、COVIDが終わったためです," フライシャー, Fox Newsの寄稿者, 議論した "フォークナーフォーカス. "ジョー・バイデンはCOVIDを終わらせませんでした. そして、クレジットが与えられる場合, それはの結果でした。.

トミー・フューリーは、彼が対戦相手に焦点を合わせていると主張します, ジェイクポールではない: 「私は彼のことを考えていません’

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フューリー, ヘビー級チャンピオンのタイソンフューリーの兄弟, 戦前の記者会見で彼のコメントをした. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . "ジェイクポールは一度も頭に浮かびません. 私はhについて考えていません。.

Rory McIlroy says he’s ‘capable of being the best the player in the worldafter winning 20th PGA Tour title

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Rory McIlroy says he's capable of being the best player in the world after he won his 20th PGA Tour title at the CJ Cup on Sunday. The Northern Irishman carded a final-round six-under-par 66 to finish a shot ahead o...

Biden tells reporter he’s ‘insultedat idea he felt burned by Stacey Abrams skipping GA voting speech

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"Any thoughts on Stacey Abrams skipping your speech today, お客様? Are you insulted she's skipping your speech?" a reporter asked at the White House ahead of Biden traveling to Atlanta. "I'm insulted you asked the quest...

This pilot fled Afghanistan as a child. Now he’s bringing Afghan refugees hope on their journey to America

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これはCNNシリーズの一部です, "ヘルパー," which showcases people who are going the extra mile to help others. Zak Khogyani has seen sights and wonders that would fill you with awe. He's walked through Antelope Ca...

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