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Kat Cammack blasts Biden’s ‘Weekend at Bernie’spresidency as border arrests hit all-time highs

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BORDER ARRESTS HIT HIGHEST LEVELS SINCE 1986'S AMNESTY BILL: CBP DATA KAT CAMMACK: I'm an eternal optimist. I don't think that we are too far beyond repair, but it's going to take some pretty tough leadership and rea...

South Korea Covid-19 cases at record highs as country looks to relax virus restrictions

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Seoul, South Korea South Korea has become the latest country in the Asia Pacific region to consider abandoning its coronavirus elimination strategy, announcing plans to potentially lift Covid-19 restrictions despite ...

8 stati sottoposti ad avvertimenti per il caldo estremo mentre i massimi record colpiscono l'Occidente

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Nel sud-ovest, caldo soffocante scoperto su Salt Lake City nello Utah Utah, legando la sua temperatura più alta mai registrata. I MEDICI avvertono di ustioni mentre le temperature record continuano a bruciare a ovest la capitale dell'Arizona ...

Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: Above average temperatures could set daily record highs

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Further south, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico increases the chance for severe weather conditions along the frontal boundary. Di venerdì, an enhanced risk of severe weather – which includes tornado, wind and hail t...

It’s going to be a hot Labor Day weekend, with record-breaking highs in the West

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Labor Day may be the unofficial end of summer, but it won't feel like it in the West, where hundreds of heat records are likely to be broken. "Some of these records stand no chance. The heat out West this summer, esso...