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High-stakes Senate primary tests Missouri Republicanstolerance for an Eric Greitens return

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Joplin, Missouri Paula Callihan hasn't quite decided whom she's voting for in Tuesday's crowded GOP Senate primary. But she knows whom she's not voting for. "Eric Greitens scares the crap out of me," the 67-year-...

Biden’s high-stakes Saudi Arabia trip, Manchin’s major blow to Dem priority and more top headlines

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MANCHIN'S DEMANDS - Key Democrat senator delivers major blow to one of his party's top election-year priorities. Continue reading … JUST ‘TEMPORARY'? – Since Biden admin called inflation ‘transitory’, US has seen 13 ...

Raphael Warnock aims to make Herschel Walker his own worst enemy in Georgia’s high-stakes Senate showdown

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Aiming to make Walker his own worst enemy as he tries to defeat Warnock in battleground Georgia’s high stakes Senate showdown, Warnock’s campaign this week went up with a statewide TV ad that spotlights past comments...

The high-stakes Georgia primaries, by the numbers

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Pennsylvania may still not be done counting votes, but the next round of primaries is already fast approaching. Next Tuesday, five states will hold primary elections. But it's Georgia that will be at the center of t...

Prince Charles sails through high-stakes Canada trip

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A version of this story appeared in the May 20 edición de Royal News de CNN, un despacho semanal que le ofrece información sobre la familia real británica. Registrate aquí. London Royal tours aren't always a success. Sin...

Polls open in high-stakes parliamentary election in Lebanon

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Beirut, Lebanon Polls in crisis-ridden Lebanon opened for a high-stakes parliamentary election on Sunday morning. The election is the first in Lebanon since a 2019 popular uprising demanded the downfall of the ruling...

Brian Kilmeade: Psaki plays ‘clean-upafter Biden’s ‘high-stakescall with China

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BRIAN KILMEADE: President Biden held what was billed as a high-stakes call about 9 soy. eastern with President Xi of China, the topic, oh I don't know, determining what role China was playing in back-filling Russia d...

US to warn China of dangers of Russian support at high-stakes Rome meeting

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Hong Kong American and Chinese officials will meet in Rome on Monday for talks that experts say could have far-reaching consequences not only for the ongoing war in Ukraine, but for China's role in the world and its ...

Kayleigh McEnany, 'Superado en número’ Enviar a Kamala Harris a Alemania es una forma "terrible" de gestionar la crisis de Ucrania’ Enviar a Kamala Harris a Alemania es una forma "terrible" de gestionar la crisis de Ucrania

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Enviar a Kamala Harris a Alemania es una forma "terrible" de gestionar la crisis de Ucrania: Enviar a Kamala Harris a Alemania es una forma "terrible" de gestionar la crisis de Ucrania: Enviar a Kamala Harris a Alemania es una forma "terrible" de gestionar la crisis de Ucrania.

McEnany on high-stakes Biden-Putin call on Ukraine: ‘We all see Biden’s capabilities

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BIDEN ‘SO WEAK,' NOT EQUIPPED FOR FACE OFF WITH VLADIMIR PUTIN: LAURA INGRAHAM KAYLEIGH MCENANY: The staffers that are preparing this, and Biden, por supuesto, will be briefed and well prepared by his team. That being s...

Audiencia de alto riesgo el jueves en el esfuerzo de Trump para bloquear la publicación de documentos presidenciales

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El poder que tiene Donald Trump como expresidente será puesto a prueba el jueves, como juez federal está listo para escuchar argumentos sobre si Trump puede mantener registros secretos de su Casa Blanca sobre su intento de ...

New Zealand wages high-stakes effort to halt virus outbreak

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A successful effort could again make the nation's virus response the envy of the world. A failure could expose flaws in its health system, including a shortage of hospital beds and a slow vaccine rollout. The high-st...

NASA begins high-stakes repair to Hubble Space Telescope

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NASA engineers are trying to work their magic on the Hubble Space Telescope, which stopped working on June 13 as a result of a problem with the payload computer on board. After a month of trying, engineers with the ...