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Missouri Highway Patrol mistakenly sends out Batman emergency alert for Joker’s car

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Missourians received an "Emergency Alert" on their phones Tuesday that made references to the superhero Batman after authorities say a test alert was inadvertently deployed statewide. The alert sent out around 4:52 p ...

Missouri highway patrol blasts out ‘Batmancell phone alert by mistake

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The Joker is not on the rampage in Missouri, but it looks like authorities there are ready for the "Batman" skurk. A purple and green Dodge was featured in the 1989 film, "Batman." An emergency alert mistaken...

Lost cat lived at rest stop near busy highway for seven months

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A family in England thought their beloved pet cat was lost for good after it had gotten loose at a rest stop during a road trip. While the family spent several hours looking for the cat, they eventually had to hit th...

SeaWorld staffers rescue sea lion spotted on San Diego highway

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Crew members from SeaWorld rescued a sea lion after it somehow ended up on a busy highway in San Diego. Gelukkig, the animal was successfully captured and removed from the scene without issues. ELEPHANTS WANDERS...

Florida Highway Patrol opens investigation into death of 13-year-old on dirt bike during attempted police stop

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The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) will investigate what happened when a 13-year-old on a dirt bike died, purportedly as Boynton Beach Police attempted to stop him for reckless driving, the agency told CNN on Tuesday....

Semitrailer drags sedan down Illinois highway in captured video footage

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A driver in a neighboring lane recorded the harrowing scene, which happened Tuesday on Interstate 294 northbound just outside Chicago around 11:40 am. The crash happened after the Honda Accord switched la...

Rescuers work to reach up to 275 people trapped on a British Columbia highway after hammering rain

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Rescuers in British Columbia are working to reach up to 275 people who have been trapped on a highway as the result of two mudslides, according to CNN Canada news partner CBC News. Tot by 50 of those trapped on Highw...

Alisal Fire lei tot ontruiming in Santa Barbara County en sluiting van 'n deel van Kalifornië se ikoniese snelweg 101

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Die Alisal-brand naby Santa Barbara, Kalifornië, vinnig ontplof in grootte Maandag, ontruimingsbevele en waarskuwings aan te spoor. Die brand het Maandagmiddag naby die Alisal-reservoir begin en beslaan nou ongeveer 2,00...

Two dead and 10 injured after Mississippi highway washed away by heavy rain

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Twee mense is dood en 10 others injured after part of a highway was washed away Monday night near the town of Lucedale, Mississippi, amptenare gesê. The incident occurred on the two-lane Highway 26 in George Co...

Bull gets loose on California highway

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A highway in California briefly had to shut down all lanes because a bull got loose. According to local officials, the animal was mostly interested in just eating some grass. The California Department of Transportat...

Michigan Air National Guard land stralers, neem eers van die Amerikaanse snelweg af in die weermag

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'N Gedeelte van M-32 naby Alpena in die noordwestelike deel van die staat is gesluit vir die oefensessie, wat gedoop is "Thunder Landing Zone (LZ)." "Thunder LZ het die vlieëniers die geleentheid gebied om in 'n besuiniging te land..

'N Kaliforniese vrou het in die mojave-moordsaak met oorblyfsels verspreid oor die woestynweg gewys

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Die balju van die Kern County het gesê dat drie stelle menslike oorskot tussen Jan gevind is. 9 en Maart 17 van Frontage Road af, wat parallel loop met snelweg 14. Ondersoekbeamptes ondersoek die gebied waar sommige van Step ...

California earthquake sends boulders tumbling onto major highway

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Brett Durrant was traveling along Highway 395 near Coleville, Kalifornië, when clouds of dust erupted across the mountainsides next to him. Parts of the rock were collapsing. "It's an earthquake!" Durrant's friend,...

Youth baseball coach fatally shot on a Minnesota highway after a possible altercation, amptenare sê

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Minnesota police believe that what started as a traffic altercation on a highway this week ended in the homicide of a youth baseball coach, amptenare gesê. Jay Harrison Boughton, 56, of Crystal, Minnesota, died Tues...

GOP congressman says Biden’s infrastructure plan is ‘5-lane highwayto socialism

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Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., took the president’s trillion-dollar plan to task on Tuesday on social media, likening the Democrats' infrastructure plan to socialism. "Infrastructure to Democrats is a five lane highway to...

Pedestrian bridge collapses onto DC highway, injuring several people

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A pedestrian bridge collapsed onto Interstate 295 in Washington, DC on Wednesday, injuring several people and blocking the highway, according to tweets from DC Fire and EMS. The bridge collapsed at Kenilworth Avenue...