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Comfort dogs find bipartisan support on Capitol Hill

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Wetgewers, personeel, law enforcement and journalists on Capitol Hill found one thing they could all agree on this week: Clarence is a very good boy. "He's a national icon and a *very* good boy," Democrat Rep. Cindy Axn...

Hill sharp, Kluber roughed up as Rays beat Yankees 10-5

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Ja, it felt good to unveil a couple of more title banners at Tropicana Field and beat the New York Yankees 10-5 in their home opener Friday. Egter, the reigning AL champions said it was important to break out of a...

Inside why all lawmakers still aren’t vaccinated after months of access to shots on the Hill

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As the political fight over vaccinations continues around the country, CNN has learned that several members of Congress still have not been vaccinated despite having had access to the vaccine on Capitol Hill since D...

Afgetrede Lt. Genl. Russel Honoré says Capitol Hill fencing alone will not prevent another attack

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Afgetrede Lt. Genl. Russel Honoré, who led a review of security at the US Capitol in the wake of the January 6 oproer, said Friday that the fencing surrounding the compound "will do nothing to prevent another attack" en ...

Capitol Hill has picked Shalanda Young to lead OMBbut Biden hasn’t yet

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Congressional Democrats are pushing President Joe Biden to nominate Shalanda Young to lead the Office of Management and Budget after Neera Tanden withdrew her nomination amid opposition in the Senate. Young is Bide...

Demokrate stel wetgewing in om 'n Ruth Bader Ginsburg-monument op Capitol Hill te skep

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Kongresdemokrate het wetgewing ingestel om 'n monument op Capitol Hill te skep ter ere van die ontslape hooggeregshofregter en liberale ikoon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Die Huisrekening, Maandag deur die D ...

Jonah Hill takes to Instagram to sound off about body image after Daily Mail publishes surfing pictures

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Jonah Hill has opened up about body image insecurities after the Daily Mail newspaper published photographs of the actor surfing in Malibu, Kalifornië. The recent photographs included side-by-side images of Hill ch...

Biden leans on his Capitol Hill experience while pitching big Covid-19 relief deal

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Washington President Joe Biden is relying on his decades as a senator to convince former colleagues to move quickly on his debut legislative effort, waging an intensive push for the sweeping Covid-19 rescue package h...

The son of Captain America’s co-creator says Capitol Hill rioters misrepresented the superhero

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The son of the co-creator of comic book hero Captain America said he was "verskrik" en "walglik" when he saw Capitol Hill rioters wearing t-shirts and shields referencing the superhero. "Captain America is the a...

Suid-Carolina dagvaar die stad Rock Hill, beweer die polisie het hom naak uit sy huis beveel en met geweer aangehou terwyl hy in sy huis deursoek het

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'N Man in Suid-Carolina het Maandag 'n saak teen die stad Rock Hill aanhangig gemaak, beweer dat polisiebeamptes hom naak uit sy huis beveel en met geweer aangehou het terwyl hy in sy huis deursoek het 2019. Jethro DeVane ...

Trump se Hooggeregshof kies Capitol Hill vir ontmoeting met GOP-senatore

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Donald Trump, president van Washington, vir die Hooggeregshof, Regter Amy Coney Barrett, sal Republikeinse senatore die hele Dinsdag op Capitol Hill ontmoet, namate die party die planne vir 'n vinnige bevestigingsproses voltooi..