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Michael Jordan on Bubba Wallace’s historic NASCAR win: ‘I even dropped a tear

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Wallace and the 23XI Racing team were given the victory in the weather-impacted race. It was Wallace’s first victory as a NASCAR Cup Series driver, and he was the first Black man do win since Wendell Scott. Jordan re...

Patrick Mahomes reaches another historic milestone, but Chiefs fall to Chargers in AFC West showdown

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Chargers second-year quarterback Justin Herbert finished with 281 passing yards and four touchdowns with no interceptions. Los Angeles won for the third time in four trips to Kansas City. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS DEPORTES C ...

Fire officials are investigating a ‘suspiciousblaze at the historic Susan B. Anthony House

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A fire damaged the Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in New York on Sunday, before firefighters put out the blaze and rescued artifacts inside. The Rochester Fire Department (RFD) responded around 1:00 soy. to an au...

Cardenales’ Kyler Murray building early season MVP case after historic first 2 juegos

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In Week 1, Murray had 289 yardas de paso, four touchdown passes and an interception in a 38-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans. He added a touchdown on the ground as well. In Week 2, he had 400 yardas de paso, three ...

La estrella del country Reba McEntire tiene que ser rescatada de una ventana del segundo piso después del colapso de escaleras en un edificio histórico de Oklahoma

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La estrella del country Reba McEntire expresó su gratitud el miércoles después de que tuvo que ser rescatada de un edificio histórico en Atoka., Oklahoma, después de que la escalera colapsara. McEntire tuvo que ser evacuado por una escalera de incendios desde un s ...

Boston to vote in first leg of historic mayoral campaign

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The city of Boston will select the two finalists for its November mayoral election on Tuesday in a preliminary contest that will have a historic result, no matter the outcome. There are five major contenders for the...

Afghan Cricket Board calls on Australia not to cancel historic match

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The Afghan Cricket Board (ACB) has called on Australia not to cancel an historic test match between the two countries set for Hobart on November 27. Australia, a powerhouse of the sport, has never played a test matc...

La estatua del hombre negro es el único monumento que se encuentra en una calle histórica de la antigua capital de la Confederación.

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Richmond, Virginia Una imponente estatua de Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee fue removido en Richmond, Virginia, El miércoles, añadiendo a una lista cada vez mayor de símbolos confederados que han sido eliminados en todo el país, el pecado..

Robert E. Estatua de Lee en la histórica calle Virginia para bajar

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Virginia el miércoles está listo para derribar una imponente estatua de Confederate Gen. Robert E. Sotavento, la última estatua confederada que queda a lo largo de la histórica Monument Avenue de Richmond. Un par de fallos del estado Suprem ...

El huracán Ida destruyó un edificio histórico que fue el segundo hogar del gran jazzista Louis Armstrong

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Un pedazo de la historia del jazz de Nueva Orleans es ahora un montón de escombros. Cuando el huracán Ida azotó la ciudad el domingo, la tormenta cortó el poder, casas arrasadas y calles convertidas en ríos. También destruyó una vieja construcción de ladrillos..

Headstones in historic Black cemetery were desecrated. The recovery offers ‘symbolic justice

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Hace cinco años, Virginia State Sen. Richard Stuart stumbled upon a two-mile stretch of erosion control filled with gravestones along the riverfront of the property he had just purchased in King George County. Histor...

Lionel Messi leaving FC Barcelona after historic career with club

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Messi reportedly agreed to a massive contract in July to return to the club, but Barcelona on Thursday confirmed the two sides could not reach an agreement over financial hurdles. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA ...

Record wildfire burns on Hawaii’s Big Island amid historic drought

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Authorities have lifted evacuation orders but warned they could be reinstated at any time and that people should be ready to go. "It’s the biggest (fire) we’ve ever had on this island," Big Island Mayor Mitch Roth sa...

Harris’ border role faces new scrutiny after report of likely historic surge in unaccompanied children

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Republicans were quick to jump on the decision and said Harris did not have the experience needed to successfully carry out the assignment. The criticism has continued for months. El lunes, Nikki Haley, the former U...

Connor Fields ‘is awakeafter BMX semifinals crash at the Olympics as Niek Kimmann storms to historic gold

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Former Olympic champion Connor Fields "is awake and awaiting further medical evaluation" after crashing in the BMX Racing event at Tokyo 2020, said USA Cycling BMX, citing the team doctor. The American rider suffere...

Jagger Eaton reflects on historic Tokyo Olympics bronze: ‘It means everything to me

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The 20-year-old Arizona native picked up a bronze medal in the street event at Ariake Urban Sports Park on Sunday, becoming the first-ever American to do so. He told Fox News in a recent Zoom interview competing in t...

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