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Trump’s in a historically strong 2024 primary position for an ex-president

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Donald Trump is no longer president. He no longer has the megaphone of Twitter. But make no mistake: This is still Trump's Republican Party. You see it in the actions of Republican state and local parties trying t...

Turnout really was historically bonkers in 2020

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Roughly two in every three eligible voters cast a ballot in the 2020 elezione, according to a new Pew analysis, a stunning number that smashes all previous turnout records. In totale, 66.2% of eligible voters partici...

How women are historically against Trump

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Sondaggio della settimana: A new CNN/SSRS poll finds that former Vice President Joe Biden is at 57% to President Donald Trump's 41% among likely voters. The average of all polls also shows Biden's advantage expanding into t...

Somebody spray-painted graffiti on headstones in a historically Black cemetery in Austin, Texas

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A historically Black cemetery was vandalized with blue spray paint over the weekend in Austin, Texas. Fifteen headstones were defaced with graffiti at Evergreen Cemetery in East Austin, according to the Austin Parks...

Trump largely silent on historically devastating Western fires

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President Donald Trump has yet to offer any public statement of support amid historic wildfires spreading in the Pacific northwest and northern California -- even though he vowed federal intervention in those states...