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DeSantis slams AP ‘hit pieceon him promoting COVID treatment: Pushing ‘false narrativeand playing ‘victim

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"Wel, it was clearly a partisan hit piece. They're trying to act like this is not an effective treatment- it was a bizarre theory to boost Regeneron stock price, but as you know Sean, President Trump bought out all ...

Rep. McCaul: Putin must be told ‘enough is enoughon cyberattacks and that US will ‘hit back

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BIDEN-PUTIN VERGADERING IN GENEVA: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW REP. MCCAUL: The biggest one was the Nord Stream 2 [pypleiding]. Kongres, we gave mandatory sanctions on this Putin pipeline going into Europe. And the presid...

McEnany: Vroue in Biden admin kry 'gloeiend’ profiele na 'getref stukke’ vir vroulike Trump-amptenare

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'N Verslaggewer van die Withuis het getwiet Leibovitz was in die Withuis om Psaki te fotografeer; sy het ook Vogue-voorblaaie vir Michelle Obama en Kamala Harris geskiet. "In plaas van die gloeiende profiele, daar was herhaaldelik trefferstukke..

PGA Championship: ‘Hit it long or it will be a tough week.

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Both factors will be on display at the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, which checks in at a beefed-up 7,800-plus yards to claim the title of longest major championship venue ever. But without the winds whipsawing in o...

DeSantis rips ’60 Minutesfor selectively edited ‘hit job’: ‘Ambulance chasers with a microphone

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RON DESANTIS BLASTS CBS' '60 MINUTES' FOR 'DECEPTIVELY EDITED' PUBLIX-COVID CLIP: A 'POLITICAL NARRATIVE' RON DESANTIS: Almal [CBS] were looking to do was a hit job on me to try to smear me just because I’m in the othe...