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MSNBC guests say radicals have taken over mainstream conservatism, compare GOP to Hitler, Mussolini

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Guest host and Politico White House editor Sam Stein asked guests Vox Senior Correspondent Zack Beauchamp and New York University Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat about an article Beauchamp wrote on conservatives and the Rep...

MSNBCゲスト: ヒトラーが台頭する前の「ドイツ」の「比較を描くのは誇張ではない」,’今日の共和党

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テイラー, で「匿名」であることが明らかにされた低レベルのトランプ当局者 2020 ニューヨークタイムズの論説を出版した後、大統領がまだ政権で働いている間に大統領に批判的な本を書いた, コメントしました ...

Lavrov seen for first time since Putin’s apology for his Hitler comments

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Lavrov attended a flower-laying ceremony in commemoration of former Soviet Union Foreign Ministry officials who died during the "Great Patriotic War" – a term coined by Russia in reference to World War II. ...

Putin apologized over FM’s Hitler comments, Israel says

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Jerusalem Russian President Vladimir Putin apologized for comments that his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made about Hitler and Jews earlier this week in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, acc.。.

ZelenskyyからFoxNewsへ: Russia is ‘following the concept of Goebbelswith Hitler comparison

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The interview lasted nearly an hour. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is now in its 70th day. "So what if Zelenskyy is Jewish," Lavrov said earlier this week, according to The Times of Israel. "The fact does not negate ...

Is Lavrov’s Hitler remark the last straw for Israel?

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この物語のバージョンは、中東のニュースレターでCNNの一方に最初に登場しました, 週に3回、この地域の最大の物語の中を見る. ここでサインアップ. Jerusalem In the months since Russia invaded Ukrai...


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コメント, イタリアのテレビとのインタビュー中に作られました, イスラエルにロシア大使を召喚するよう促した. ラブロフは、なぜロシアがそうする必要があると感じているのかと尋ねられたときに発言した。 "denazify" カウントならウクライナ...

ピアーズ・モーガン: If Twitter had been around in 1939, we wouldn’t have confronted Hitler

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ピアーズ・モーガン: This cancel culture phenomenon, for want of a better phrase, has got to be canceled, and I see myself as leading the charge in the battle for free speech. マーサ・マッカラム: というのは, it's incredibly ignor...

Auschwitz Memorial fact-checks MSNBC guest’s Hitler claim

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元米国. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul was interviewed on "レイチェルマドウショー" about the violent invasion of Ukraine by Putin's administration. McFaul falsely claimed to stand-in host Ali Velshi that Pu...

Former Ukrainian politician forced into hiding declares Putin the ‘Hitler of our time

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Svitlana Zalishchuk, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament who spoke from hiding near the Hungarian border, explained to the "物語" host Martha MacCallum why she made the difficult choice to flee her homet...

Canadian MP claims ‘honk honkis code for ‘heil Hitler

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Saks gave her testimony before Parliament on Monday, where she lamented perceived government inaction regarding the truckers. "How many guns need to be seized?" Saks asked from her podium. "How much vitriol do we hav...

共和党の反対にもかかわらず、ICEディレクターの指名は再び上院委員会から出て行く’ Jonathan Allen says he’d have hypothetical dinner with Adolf Hitler

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その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . Team co-owner Tanya Snyder speaks during the announcement of the Washington Football Team's name change to the Washington Commanders at FedExField on Feb. 2, 2022 in La...

ダレルブルックス’ Facebookの投稿は白人に対する暴力を呼びかけた, ヒトラーのサポート

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"学習したNDの行動!! だから私たちがバックノッキン白人を始めるとき、イオンはそれを聞きたいです...古い白いppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! 期間..," ブルックスは6月にFacebookに書いた 9, 2020 middlを伴う。.

トップスVillanova’ Gregg Popovich rips Columbus Day celebrations, likens it to honoring Hitler

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Popovich used part of his pregame press conference on Friday to take a shot at the Alamo Heights Independent School District in Alamo Heights, テキサス, for their decision to keep the Columbus Day holiday instead of cha...

Teenager charged after allegedly changing yearbook to include Hitler quote and Boston Marathon bomber reference

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A Connecticut teenager has been charged with two counts of third-degree computer crimes after he allegedly changed two yearbook entries to include a quote from Adolf Hitler and a reference to the Boston Marathon bom...

このラビはドイツ軍に加わっています, 90 ヒトラーがユダヤ人兵士を追放してから数年後

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ドイツのCovid-19封鎖中のベルリン, Rabbi Zsolt Ballaは、熱心なオンラインフォロワーを獲得しました, Facebookでのライブストリーミングの祈りのサービス. 今, 国が開き始めると, 彼は以前はユニマグを引き受けています。.

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