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White scores 3 TD's, Geen. 2 Georgia dominates No. 8 Hogs 37-0

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Georgië (5-0, 3-0 Suidooster-konferensie) raced to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter despite playing without quarterback JT Daniels, who was held out with a right lat injury. Stetson Bennett filled in for Daniels and...

Geen. 16 Hogs end long skid to No. 7 Texas A&M

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Texas A&M (3-1, 0-1 SEK) also had its overall 11-game winning streak snapped. Jefferson came up limping and favoring his left leg after getting tackled out of bounds to start the second half, and left a few plays...

8 advance in NCAA baseball; Geen. 1 Hogs to face Huskers again

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But No. 1 national seed Arkansas, trying for a third straight appearance in super regionals, was forced into a winner-take-all game Monday night against Nebraska after losing 5-3 to the Cornhuskers. KLIK HIER VIR MO ...