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California firefighter finishes 60-hour shift and then rushes to help save his girlfriend’s parents’ hogar

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Firefighter Grant Newnom was driving home after a 60-hour shift with the San Jose Fire Department when his girlfriend, Elise Jones, called to tell him a wildfire was threatening her parents' home. She was having Sun...

‘The Lord of the Ringscast is crowdfunding to buy J.R.R. Tolkien’s home and turn it into a literary center

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J.R.R. Tolkien's home in Oxford, Inglaterra, is where Middle Earth was made. Where Bilbo Baggins first met Gandalf, and orcs and elves and hobbits sparred while one ring threatened to rule them all. The house on North...

Emmett Till’s childhood home is now a landmark in Chicago

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The home of Emmett Till, the African American teen whose murder became an important catalyst in the civil rights movement, has been granted landmark status by the Chicago City Council. En 1955, Emmett traveled to Mi...

Astros remain hot in home opener with 6-2 win over Athletics

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But what a feeling it was to hear the cheers of the home crowd once again. "It was a beautiful night," José Altuve said. "Kind of like a dream come true." Carlos Correa, Yordan Álvarez and Altuve homered as the Astr...

Virginia deputy shot Black man after giving him ride home an hour earlier: reporte

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Isaiah Brown, 32, was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher when the deputy responded to his house following reports of a "domestic incident," according to a police statement. Body camera video appears to show the deput...

Los Angeles-area man disguised himself as White guy to commit over 30 home burglaries, la policía dice

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Investigators have also linked Rockim Prowell to some 30 home burglaries in the region, FOX Los Angeles reported. He is currently charged with two counts each of burglary, grand theft and one count of vandalism, la ...

Los aficionados al deporte vuelven a las arenas y estadios tras año en casa — y también su comportamiento salvaje

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Los aficionados han llenado estadios y arenas durante las últimas semanas., y algunos atletas profesionales han notado una diferencia palpable. La estrella de los Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, fue uno de los que notaron la diferencia que hicieron los fanáticos en el ...

Josh Duggar viviendo en 'espeluznante, solitario’ en casa con los custodios mientras espera el juicio por pornografía infantil

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The former television star has been living at a home with the Reber family, que fueron descritos en la corte como "amigos de la familia" de los Duggars. Los Rebers acordaron albergar a Duggar antes de su fecha de julio actualmente programada. 6 tr...

Anglesstar Shohei Ohtani donates $150,000 from Home Run Derby earnings to team staffers

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Ohtani was awarded the money for participating in the event but instead of keeping it for himself, he distributed checks to several staffers, including trainers, clubhouse workers and members of the media relations d...

Belarus sprinter says punishment awaited her back home

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Waiting to leave Japan to seek refuge in Europe, Krystsina Tsimanouskaya said she hopes she can continue her career, but for now her safety is the priority. After she criticized the management of her team on social m...

A mom and her baby had to be rescued by kayak as flood waters overtook their Tennessee home

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As the floodwater rapidly rose in her Waverly, Tennesse, hogar, Vanessa Yates climbed on the kitchen counters with her 4-month-old daughter in her arms and called for help. "I just felt like I was going to drown," s...

Rose McGowan says Weinstein tapped her home, tried to drive her off the road to silence her ahead of memoir

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McGowan rose to media prominence during the height of the #MeToo movement, during which the media shone a light on the actress as an important component in Weinstein’s eventual downfall. She is known as one of the ea...

Yankees’ Phil Nevin pushes back on criticism over sending Aaron Judge home: ‘I didn’t hesitate at all

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The play came in the sixth inning with Judge on first and Giancarlo Stanton at the plate. Stanton hit a towering shot off the Green Monster. The Red Sox played it perfectly with their relay and threw Judge out a home...

El veterano oficial de la NFL, Carl Madsen, muere de camino a casa después del juego Chiefs-Titans

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Carl Madsen, un oficial veterano de la Liga Nacional de Fútbol Americano, murió el domingo cuando regresaba a casa del juego de los Kansas City Chiefs y los Tennessee Titans en Nashville, la liga le dijo a CNN. Él era 71. Se desconoce la causa de la muerte..

Biden criticado por 'Los Cinco’ por pasar el Día de Acción de Gracias en la casa de Nantucket del multimillonario en medio de los problemas de inflación

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Biden llegó el miércoles a la isla para visitar al exasesor de política interna de Carter, David Rubenstein., un nativo de Baltimore que fundó la firma de capital The Carlyle Group y es un ex presidente del Smithsonian. Y...

A family cat brought home a snake with two heads. We have many questions

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It's the stuff of ancient mythology. While it may not be a snake with a head on either end of its body, it's not too far off. A Florida family's cat brought a rare snake sporting two heads into their Palm Harbor ho...

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