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Austin mayor apologizes after he told residents to stay at home while vacationing in Mexico

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Mayor Steve Adler of Austin, テキサス, said in a video posted on YouTube Wednesday that he regrets traveling to Mexico in early November as he was urging people to be cautious about the spread of Covid-19. "The first w...

国内外で, バイデンの議題は突然行き詰まったように見える

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ジョー・バイデンは最初の数か月間それを持っていました, しかし、今は急速に侵食されています, ジョー・マンチンのような異種の力に阻まれる, 国境検問所と c. マンチンは、セミよりも永続的なジレンマをもたらす可能性があります...

バイデンは「ザ・ファイブ」によって批判されました’ インフレの苦境の中でビリオネアのナンタケットの家で感謝祭を過ごしたことに対して

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バイデンは水曜日に島に到着し、元カーター国内政策顧問のデビッド・ルーベンスタインを訪ねた。, エクイティ会社カーライルグループを設立し、スミソニアンの元会長であるボルチモア出身. と...

Sandra Lee sad to leave home she shared with Gov. アンドリュー・クオモ

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Sandra Lee has been documenting her "ほろ苦い" move from the home she shared with her ex, ニューヨーク州政府. アンドリュー・クオモ. The chef and author has been posting on her verified Instagram account about her move from New...

スポーツ ファンは、自宅にいても年が明けて、アリーナやスタジアムに戻ってきます。 — そして彼らの野生の行動も同様です

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ここ数週間、ファンはスタジアムやアリーナを満員にした, そして何人かのプロアスリートは、明白な違いに気づいています. ブルックリン ネッツのスター、ケビン デュラントは、 ...

ABC, CBS, NBC go full day without mentioning latest Cuomo nursing home scandal bombshell

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水曜日の終わり, the Times outlined damning details of the Cuomo administration's effort to deliberately block the release of data on COVID nursing home deaths, which the paper tied to the release of the governor's bo...

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate demands answers on ‘secretmigrant flights to home state

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"They got caught," Barletta told co-hosts Todd Piro and Kevin Corke. "Nobody was upfront and nobody knew it was happening. And after they got caught, there were crickets for answers." Barletta claims he received no r...

[object Window]: Saints to spend Week 3 at TCU, then return home.

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The Saints have been displaced to the Dallas area since Aug. 28, when they flew on hastily arranged charter flights as Hurricane Ida approached Louisiana's coast as a powerful Category 4 Hurricane that ultimately inf...

Priti Patel, Britain’s hardline home secretary, exposes the fault lines of a divided country

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London Priti Patel, Britain's hardline home secretary, is under renewed scrutiny following the deaths of dozens of people in the English Channel -- one of the worst tragedies affecting migrants bound for Britain in r...

ハンク・アーロン, baseball legend and former home run king, で死ぬ 86

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Henry Louis "Hank" アーロン, the Baseball Hall of Famer who broke Babe Ruth's all-time home run record and lived a life as an ambassador to the game, 死んだ. 彼がいた 86. Aaron's former team, the Atlanta Braves, アナウンス...

Lafreniere scores in return home, Rangers top Canadiens 3-1

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Lafreniere, the top pick in the 2020 ドラフト, grew up about an hour from Montreal in Saint-Eustache, Quebec. He scored for the Rangers (1-1-1) ただ 26 seconds after Jonathan Drouin pulled Montreal (0-3) 平. The 6-foo...

Biden taps Iran envoy to face challenges of confronting both Tehran and polarized views at home

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Washington The Biden administration has tapped Robert Malley, a progressive foreign policy expert who served on the Obama administration's negotiating team for the Iran nuclear deal, as its new top envoy for Iran. の...


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セインツは、チームが予防接種のルールを持っているかどうかをからかうツイートを撃ち落としました. チームはまた、この秋にゲームに参加する人は誰でも、とにかくコロナウイルスワクチンを接種するように勧めました。. 詳細については、ここをクリックしてください。.

Michael Conforto’s questionable hit-by-pitch with bases loaded lifts Mets to win in home opener

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The outfielder was facing a 1-2 count against Miami Marlins closer Anthony Bass when a curveball hung for a second too long, and it gave the lefty hitter enough time to stick out his right elbow pad to get hit, と...

Investigators in Kristin Smart case serve search warrant at the home of the prime suspect’s father

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Investigators in the case of Kristin Smart, the college student missing since 1996, served a search warrant at the home of the prime suspect's father, 当局は月曜日に言った. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Offi...

FBIは、「法廷で認可された」を実施していると述べています’ 担当者の検索. ヘンリークエラーのテキサスの家

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連邦捜査局は水曜日の夕方の声明で、 "裁判所認可" 担当者のテキサスの家の検索. ヘンリー・クエラー. "FBIはウィンドリッジドライブの近くに存在していました。.