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Goewerneur. Newsom stoot Oakland-leiers uit omdat hulle nie die woeste hawelose kampe hanteer nie

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Die brief impliseer dat Oakland miljoene dollars aan staatsbefondsing sal verloor as stadsleiers nie optree om sy oorvloed van kampe aan te spreek nie., insluitend een by Woodstraat waar verskeie brande uitgebreek het. "Ons ...

Protesters disrupt Los Angeles City Council vote on banning homeless encampments near schools

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A recess was called just before the council voted 11-3 to extend an existing ban on homeless encampments within 500 feet of schools and day care centers in Los Angeles, as protesters who claimed the initiative would ...

Kiesers in Los Angeles om te besluit of hotelle gedwing sal word om haweloses te huisves ondanks kommer oor veiligheid

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President van die Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association Ray Patel het aangesluit "jakkals & Vriende-naweek," Sondag, om te bespreek waarom die beleid nie 'n langtermynoplossing is nie en sy kommer as die beleid aanvaar word. "Th ...

Ben Carson blameer Biden se beleid vir Amerika se ontluikende hawelose krisis

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Carson, wat die Trump-administrasie se behuisings- en armoede-inisiatiewe gelei het, aan Fox News Digital gesê die Withuis se bestedings- en regulatoriese beleid het die probleem vererger. BEN CARSON ONTWERP PATRIOTIESE LESSE ...

Leo Terrell gaan af op Dems’ leuens oor hawelose krisis: 'Hulle steek ons ​​op gas’

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AMPTELIKE KALIFORNIË blaas LIBERALE LEIERS OP NA ONTDEKKING VAN HAWELOOS BUNKER: HULLE 'HET 'N BLINDE OOG GEDRAAK' LEO TERRELL: Die term hawelose is 'n leuen. Wys my 'n hawelose kamp, wys my al die video op Fox, jy wys my 'n h...

Mayor Bowser claims illegal immigrants crowding DC homeless shelters are asylum seekers ‘trickedonto buses

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Host Margaret Brennen brought up a Washington Post report that suggested homeless shelters are now being filled with illegal immigrants being bused in from Texas and Arizona. Bowser admitted that it’s a "betekenisvol ...

Olympian Kim Glass pleads for LA crime crackdown after attack by homeless man: ‘What does it take?’

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Aan "Amerika se Newsroom" Vrydag, Glass shared her recovery process while also advocating for justice for other victims of her attacker, a repeat offender. Verlede week, Glass was attacked with a metal bolt while walking...

NYPD arrest man in connection with homeless stabbing incidents

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New York police have arrested a man they believe stabbed three homeless men, een doodmaak, in three separate incidents, according to a law enforcement official. The official said the knife-wielding assailant, believe...

Tunnel to Towers embarks on bold new effort for America’s homeless veterans

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Nou, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a New York-based nonprofit, has committed itself to addressing this situation through a major new initiative: providing homes for homeless veterans. "We owe so much to America’s...

Spike among LA homeless deaths was not driven by COVID: Data

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"The findings in this report reflect a true state of emergency," said First District Supervisor Hilda L. Solis said in a statement. "In a civil society, it is unacceptable for any of us to not be profoundly disturbed...

California coroner identifies ‘mummified bodyfound in abandoned convention center as missing homeless man

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The Alameda County coroner identified the remains by matching a serial number on a tubular plate in Mejica's leg to records at Highland Hospital, where he had surgery nearly two decades ago.

Demokratiese Rep. Waters tells homeless people to ‘go home,’ warns journalist during testy exchange

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According to a report from the New York Post, Waters was present at a chaotic event where hundreds of homeless people showed up due to inaccurate social media reports that Section 8 housing vouchers were being distri...

NYC homeless man assaults New York Post reporter, as agencies ramp up efforts to clear encampments: amptenare

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Adams recently told the New York Times he is urging city agencies "to do an analysis block by block, district by district, identify where the encampments are … then execute a plan to give services to the people who a...

Feminists protesting Lia Thomas say they are politically homeless: ‘Democrats don’t care about women

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"I was historically liberal. I would say I'm politically homeless now because I don't think the Democrats care about women and girls," one activist with the group Save Women’s Sports told Fox News. The women’s advoc...

New details emerge in shootings of homeless men in NYC and DC

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His victim begged for mercy, sê die polisie. But all Gerald Brevard allegedly did, volgens hofstukke, was pull the trigger, then sit on a nearby curb. A surveillance camera picked up music playing. New detail...

What we know about the suspect in the New York and DC shootings of homeless men

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It's still not clear why someone would open fire on several homeless men in New York City and Washington, DC. But authorities in both cities say they believe the same man, 30-year-old Gerald Brevard III, is responsi...

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