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Slain California police officers honored at memorial service

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The crowd packed the Toyota Arena in Ontario to remember El Monte police Sgt. Michael Paredes, 42, and 32-year-old Officer Joseph Santana. Both were killed June 14 while responding to a local motel east of Los Angele...

Florida first lady honored with GOP award, lauds husband for fighting for moms

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"We are mammas on a mission to protect our children. In Florida, the buck stops with the parents," DeSantis said Saturday at the Women of Distinction Awards Program and Gala, which was held at St. Cecilia’s Catholic ...

Nancy Reagan, former first lady, is honored with new ‘Forever Stamp

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The Nancy Reagan Forever Stamp is slated to be released to the public in a ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Kalifornië, op Julie 6, on what would have been her 101st birthday. "First lad...

Kansas father and son honored for saving 4-year-old boy with autism from drowning

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The little boy, Xavier Rigney, briefly got out of his mother's sight and somehow made his way through a locked fence before jumping into the pool. "His head goes completely under the water. His mouth and nose never c...

California firefighter Darin Banks killed by falling tree honored in convoy to bring his body home

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The convoy escorted the body of Darin Banks, 26, on Friday from Modesto to a mortuary in his home city of Red Bluff, 125 myl noord van Sacramento. Firefighters from several local agencies saluted Banks along the 200...

Dwayne Haskins honored at NFL Draft with moment of silence

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Haskins, wie sou gedraai het 25 Dinsdag, was attempting to cross the westbound lanes of Interstate 595 on foot when he was hit by a dump truck around 6:37 am. April 9, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Hy ...

Madeleine Albright to be honored by world leaders, DC elite

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Led by President Joe Biden and predecessors Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, the man who picked Albright to be his top diplomat and the highest-ranking woman ever in the U.S. government at that time, sommige 1,400 mourner...

Gilbert Gottfried honored by ‘Aladdinon Broadway

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The tribute to the comedian came hours after Gottfried's family announced his passing on social media. "Vanaand, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the life of a comedy legend," Don Darryl Rivera, who plays Iago...

Taylor Hawkins honored in video tribute at the Grammys

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Late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was honored during the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Grammys host Trevor Noah introduced a video montage of Hawkins performing, while the band's song "My Hero" gespeel. The video l...

Bruins bust out for 8-1 victory over Devils as Tuukka Rask honored

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"I feel like I’ve lived that moment in my basement a million times," the undrafted BC captain said after scoring in his NHL debut Thursday night during a six-goal second-period outburst that propelled the Bruins to a...

All-Big East: Gillespie unanimous, Champagnie honored again

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Connecticut guard R.J. Cole and forward Adama Sanogo also were on the first team, along with Marquette forward Justin Lewis and Seton Hall swingman Jared Rhoden. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Gillespie, ...

Paul O’Neill honored 21 to join Ruth’s 3, Gehrig’s 4, Yogi’s 8

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"The first thing you look is for Babe Ruth and then you see Lou Gehrig," O'Neill recalled, "and then all of a sudden you kind of graduate to the people that you have just met in Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle and these...

Fallen NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora, who donated organs to save 5 lewens, honored at St. Patrick se katedraal

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Dit moet, a 27-year-old officer with the New York Police Department's 32 Precinct in Harlem, oorlede op Jan.. 25 – four days after he suffered a gunshot wound to the head. He was honored Tuesday with a viewing service from 1...

Gevalle NYPD-beampte Jason Rivera vereer met kilometers lange optog, honderde stroom na St. Patrick se katedraal

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Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue was a sea of blue on Thursday as the hearse carrying 22-year-old Rivera’s remains pulled up to uniformed officers saluting the fallen NYPD hero. The vehicle was escorted by police as it trave...

Gevalle brandbestryders van Baltimore vereer vir heldhaftigheid, ‘dapperheid’ as stad treur ‘hartverskeurend’ tragedie

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Baltimore Fire Lt. Paul Butrim en brandbestryders Kelsey Sadler en Kenneth Lacayo is Maandag in die uitvoering van diens dood terwyl hulle gereageer het op 'n vroeë oggendbrand wat ontaard het in 'n gedeeltelike ineenstorting van die gebou op South Stric..

Fallen NYPD officer is honored by peers and another officer is in critical condition following shooting

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As the body of a slain New York police officer was transported to a funeral home Sunday, fellow law enforcement personnel lined the streets in support of the young man who had sought to bridge gaps between the depar...

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