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Radio host Delilah says she connected with Rory Feek after losing her sons: It ‘gave me hope’

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The beloved radio personality’s son Sammy died of complications with sickle-cell anemia in 2012 op ouderdom 16. In 2017, her 18-year-old son Zachariah died by suicide. En in 2019, her stepson Ryan passed away. "I think w...

Analise: The play-in is coming, and it’s giving teams hope

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The Wizards were 17-32 not that long ago and have not spent one single day over .500 in the last three seasons. The Bulls just had a stretch where they lost 11 uit 14 speletjies. The Raptors started 2-8 and recently ha...

Earth Day programs come in many shades of green, but this year some seek rays of hope

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There's no one way for documentary fare to acknowledge Earth Day, but the programs generally fall into one or more of four distinct buckets in regard to the health of the planet: Depressing, vaguely hopeful, star-st...

Prince Harry’s return to the UK sparks hope for a royal reconciliation, bron sê: ‘Fingers crossed’

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The Duke of Sussex was originally supposed to return in July to join his older brother Prince William for the statue unveiling honoring their late mother Princess Diana. She would have turned 60 on July 1. Egter, t ...

North Texas softball’s Hope Trautwein strikes out each batter in historic perfect game

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The Mean Green softball star struck out each batter she saw in the team’s seven-inning win over Arkansas Pine-Bluff on Sunday. It was the first perfect game in school history and is believed to be the first perfect s...

‘We hope to get our pilots alive,’ Nigerian air force says, as military plane disappears from radar

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The Nigerian air force says it has yet to establish the whereabouts of a military plane that disappeared off the radar Wednesday evening near Borno -- an insurgency troubled state in the country's northeast region. ...

Netherlands hope to highlight Qatar migrant workers’ situasie

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The Netherlands team hope that this week's start of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe will highlight the plight of migrant workers in Qatar and help to improve their working conditions. "A lot of attention is now fo...

As you celebrate pandemic hope on the horizon, remember those for whom it is too late

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Lisa Respers France is a senior writer for CNN's entertainment team. The opinions expressed in this commentary are hers. Kyk na meer opinieartikels op CNN. I promise that if you or someone you love has survived Covi...

Biden moet die afgryse van Covid-19 balanseer met die hoop om te kom

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Dit voel miskien nie nou so na 'n aaklige winter nie, maar Amerika het nog nooit 'n oomblik beleef sedert die pandemie begin het nie. Die tergende belofte word gedra deur die vinniger inwerkingstelling van nuwe entstowwe, h ...

Forest Green Rovers hope recycled coffee kit will prove a good fit

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Already in a league of their own when it comes to sustainability in sport, innovative English soccer club Forest Green Rovers will trial a kit made from coffee bean waste on Saturday. Rovers, owned by 'green energy' ...

The coronvirus pandemic is still going strong. But there’s hope on the horizon

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Despite a year of pandemic-driven social isolation and pain, in which we lost hundreds of thousands of lives, there are encouraging signs on the horizon. The United States is starting to ramp up vaccinations, met t ...

She’s been hiding in a church for three years. Now she feels a glimmer of hope

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Anna Lekas Miller is a journalist covering refugee and immigration issues and is the editor in chief of the Media Diversity Institute website. She is working on her first book, "Love in Times of Borders," a collectio...

Why Biden’s bipartisanship hope is probably already lost

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If there was one big message from President Joe Biden's inaugural address, it was bipartisanship and unity. This theme wasn't surprising given that inaugurations are often about coming together and Biden's 2020 camp...

Progressives hope for more power in narrowly divided Congress

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House progressives are poised to wield their growing influence in the new Congress as the Democratic Party settles in to unified control of Washington for the first time in a decade. "The squad" has returned to Cap...

Burgerregte-leiers hoop dat Biden die land kan genees deur optrede

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Toe die gekose president Joe Biden Woensdag sy inhuldigingstoespraak hou, burgerregte-leiers hoop op meer as net beloftes, maar 'n plan van aksie vir rasse genesing. Biden sal die presidentskap betree..

Die oorwinnings van Warnock en Ossoff dui op hoop en ware verandering vir sommige swart inwoners in Georgië

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As mede-gradueerder in die Morehouse College, Patrick Delisser voel geïnspireer deur ds. Raphael Warnock se historiese oorwinning in die Senaat. Delis, 'n 32-jarige dokter vir dringende sorg, het gesê Warnock beliggaam die wil van Swart mans en ...

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