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Atlanta creates the nation’s largest free food forest with hopes of addressing food insecurity

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When a dormant pecan farm in the neighborhoods of south Atlanta closed, the land was soon rezoned and earmarked to become townhouses. But when the townhouses never came to fruition and with the lot remaining in for...

Biden hopes Trump’s impeachment won’t derail agenda

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Washington As his predecessor is tried in the US Capitol this week for inciting a deadly riot, President Joe Biden will work to keep his first-100-days agenda on track from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. He'll...

Selena Gomez hopes her knife skills make the cut in new season of ‘Selena + Sjef’

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Selena Gomez is putting it on all the line -- including her fingers -- in the new season of "Selena + Chef." Die reeks, which features the multi-platinum selling recording artist honing her cooking skills with hel...

Trailblazing firefighter hopes to inspire unity when she recites Pledge of Allegiance at Biden’s inauguration

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Washington When Andrea Hall leads the nation in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at Joe Biden's inauguration next week, she'll not only represent the kind of progress envisioned by the incoming president but she'll ...

Biden told civil rights leaders in private meeting that progressiveshopes for executive actions are ‘way beyond the boundsof his presidential authority

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President-elect Joe Biden expressed skepticism about his powers to implement his agenda by executive action Tuesday in a private virtual meeting with civil rights leaders, according to a recording reported Thursday ...

Observations of our closest neighboring star dampen hopes of a potentially habitable planet

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One of the planets that orbits around Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun, had been thought to exist within what astronomers call the habitable zone. While Proxima b is 20 times closer to its star than Ear...

Biden se hoop om die kernkragooreenkoms in Iran te laat herleef, kan dalk reeds ongedaan gemaak word

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Dit is uit Desember ontleen 1 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. Die verkose president Joe Biden se hoop ...

AstraZeneca hoop dat die wêreld op sy positiewe nuus oor entstowwe kan fokus. Maar kenners vrees dat 'n gebrek aan deursigtigheid dit vertroebel het

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Toe die Britse-Sweedse dwelmvervaardiger AstraZeneca Maandag aankondig dat sy eksperimentele koronavirus-inenting is 70% effektief gemiddeld, die wêreld het 'n gesamentlike sug van verligting uitgeswel en die aandele het gestyg. Nog 'n vakansiedag ...

How coronavirus is sinking Trump’s election hopes

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I have long argued that coronavirus was the only election issue that really mattered. History tells us that when a non-economic issue is topping the list of the nation's problems in a presidential election year, die... hopes ‘LOVEwill drive voters to the polls

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Twelve years ago, it was's star-studded spoken word video "Yes We Can" that provided the soundtrack to Barack Obama's historic run for the presidency. Nou, with less than a week to go until this year's e...

Obama keer terug na die veldtog, steun vir Biden saamtrek in die hoop om Trump se presidentskap te beëindig

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Philadelphia Barack Obama was nog altyd van plan om die eerste presidentsverkiesing van sy post-presidensie uit te sit, let op die privaat leiding wat president George George aan hom gegee het. Bush en George H.W. Bush. DIE...

‘Supermaket Sweephopes to get you swept into the fun

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A little more than seven months ago, I stood in a line at my local Vons supermarket with a rack of frozen ribs and a frozen turkey in my cart. I've never cooked ribs before and the calendar was closer to Valentine's...

A healthy sex life boosts long-term survival hopes for heart attack victims

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People who have had heart attacks can boost their chances of long-term survival by returning to normal levels of sexual activity, a new study shows. Many people stop having sex after a heart attack in the belief tha...