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That ‘murder hornetnest scientists found and destroyed had nearly 200 reinas. They say they got there ‘just in the nick of time

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It turns out there were a lot more queens in the first-ever giant Asian "avispón asesino" nest found in the US than what they initially discovered. Researchers approximate nearly 200 queens were produced from that sin...

"Avispón asesino’ nest found in Washington believed to be first in the US

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If you thought giant "murder hornets" had disappeared because they dropped from the headlines, you are mistaken. Entomologists from the Washington State Department of Agriculture on Thursday located the first-ever A...

Buckle up. Murder hornet season is around the corner

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Winter is on its way out. The days are getting longer, vaccinations are ramping up and an end to the pandemic could be in sight. But murder hornets don't care about any of that. Warmer weather is when they thrive,...

Seth Rogen recuerda a Nicolas Cage saliendo de la incómoda cena de reunión de "Green Hornet"

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Rogen, 39, reveló el tidbit que supuestamente ocurrió en 2011 ya que él y su socio creativo Evan Goldberg estaban en medio del casting de su película, "El avispón verde," y dijo que Cage quería jugar un "blanco bahameño ...

Second giant ‘murder hornetescapes after it was captured by scientists in Washington

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Otro "asesinato" hornet that could have led scientists to its nest has evaded experts once more, following a lost signal. La semana pasada, scientists with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)captured a li...

The first ‘murder hornetnest of 2021 has been destroyed in Washington

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The first Asian giant hornet nest of 2021 has been eradicated in Washington, according to state officials. The nest was found by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) in the base of a dead alder tre...

"Avispón asesino’ encontrado cerca de Seattle es el primer avistamiento de EE. UU. en 2021

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El primer avispón gigante asiático reportado de 2021 en los Estados Unidos fue encontrado muerto cerca de Seattle por un residente del estado de Washington a principios de junio. El insecto muerto, apodado el "avispón asesino," encontrado en Marysville, Estaba...

Washington state will be taking down its ‘murder hornettraps for the winter

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Don't expect to hear of Asian giant "murder hornets" or nests being captured in the coming months. The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) is taking down their Asian giant hornet traps for the winter. ...

First live ‘murder hornet’ de 2021 spotted attacking a wasp nest in Washington

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Entomologists in Washington state are setting up traps and urging people to be on the lookout after a "avispón asesino" was spotted attacking a paper wasp nest this week near the US-Canadian border. It's the first con...