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MSNBC rubriekskrywer beweer Amerikaanse Christene hou Amerikaanse vroue 'gyselaar'’

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Ten spyte daarvan dat hy self in 'n Moslem-huishouding grootgemaak is, hy het nie sy vuis getrek toe hy ander godsdienste uitgesonder het omdat hulle problematies was in Amerikaanse politieke instellings nie, waarskuwing die Christen-regs is "aangevuur deur a ...

Arizona abortion protest: Police release tear gas, lawmakers ‘held hostage’ in Senate building

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"Protesters threatened to break the AZ Senate entryway glass," Republican Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted, as members were in the middle of voting on a series of bills. The situation escalated into a "gasheer ...

A woman used Grubhub to contact police while she was allegedly being held hostage in the Bronx

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A 24-year-old woman used Grubhub to contact police while she was allegedly being held hostage in the Bronx over the weekend, according to a criminal complaint. The unidentified woman, who had agreed to meet up with ...

Biden-admin hou skoolmiddagetegeld 'gyselaar’ transgenderbeleid af te dwing, aktivistiese ouer sê

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Skole het geld van die Voedsel- en Voedingsdiens toegeken (FNS), 'n agentskap binne USDA, moet in hul beleide spesifiseer dat diskriminasie op grond van geslagsidentiteit en seksuele oriëntasie verbied word, die departement...

Marjorie Taylor Greene blasts ‘Uniparty’sgun control push, recounts own school’s hostage situation

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In an interview with Tucker Carlson on "Tucker Carlson Vanaand," Greene recalled being 16 years old at South Forsyth High School in 1990 when another student took two classrooms of students hostage at her school in C...

Dave Rubin rips Disney CEO for being held ‘hostageby ‘woke’ agenda: ‘This isn’t going to end well

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WOKE DISNEY: 10 FAMILIES WHO ARE SWEARING OFF DISNEY DUE TO ITS LEFT-LEANING POLITICS DAVE RUBIN: What's very sad about this Disney situation is they stepped into the woke swamp, and they cannot get themselves out. T ...

Repaired Texas synagogue reopens months after hostage crisis

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"Each time I came back in, I got to see us moving forward," Cytron-Walker said. Congregation Beth Israel in the Fort Worth suburb of Colleyville will be rededicated on Friday, and members will celebrate Shabbat in th...

Chernobyl staff held hostage by Russian troops for weeks rotated: IAEA

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Ukrainian officials informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that many of the staff who were forced to stay at the Chernobyl plant as Russian forces seized the facility have been allowed to return home. ...

Netanyahu warns Iran could ‘take the entire world hostageif West approves new nuke deal

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Netanyahu told host Mark Levin that when the regime currently led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi is armed with nuclear weapons, they can threaten anyone they want while also having the boosted ...

Russian forces occupy Mariupol hospital, hold patients and staff hostage: Ukrainian human rights group

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The Media Initiative for Human Rights in Ukraine said in a Tuesday Facebook post that residents of the city contacted its hotline to report the occupation of Russian troops at the Mariupol Regional Intensive Care Hos...

California police body camera video shows deadly shooting of suspect in knifepoint hostage situation

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The Kern County Sheriff's Office released police body camera and security footage of the Feb.9 incident last week. Deputies in Oildale, just outside of Bakersfield, were initially called to respond to an incident in ...

Chernobyl under siege in Ukraine war: Russians holding more than 200 employees hostage

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Among the nuclear engineers there is Natalia Ruemmele's 63-year-old father. "Basies, the power plant is held by people who have no clue about the nuclear security protocols," Ruemmele told Fox News via Zoom from M...

Russia using Ukrainian nuclear power plant to try to ‘hold Europe hostage’: Ukrainian MP

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SVIATOSLAV YURASH: These talks are basically, from what I can see from Russian demands, are a mirage. Russe [was gewees] trying to essentially … from the very beginning … destroy our sovereignty, our independence, ...

Her daughter worried when she didn’t send her usual Wordle update. She was being held hostage by a naked man, polisie gesê

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An Illinois woman held hostage in her home was rescued after her daughter noticed she had not sent her Wordle score and alerted local authorities. Die vrou, 80-year-old Denyse Holt, told CNN affiliate WBBM that a ...

Rabbi tells lawmakers about hostage ordeal and calls for more funding for security

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The rabbi who escaped a hostage takeover at his synagogue last month testified before Congress for the first time on Tuesday about his ordeal, detailing why he opened the door for the attacker and how he and others ...

engel ma Agnes Gibboney vertel mede-gasheer Carley Shimkus,’ sê die polisie

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Die voorval het begin toe drie gemaskerde verdagtes 'n 45-jarige man voor sy huis op die 4600 Die voorval het begin toe drie gemaskerde verdagtes 'n 45-jarige man voor sy huis op die, Die voorval het begin toe drie gemaskerde verdagtes 'n 45-jarige man voor sy huis op die. Die voorval het begin toe drie gemaskerde verdagtes 'n 45-jarige man voor sy huis op die.

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