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Newt Gingrich accuses Democrats of holding ‘massivespending bill ‘hostage

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PELOSI ADMITS DEFEAT ON INFRASTRUCTURE BILL, SAYS ‘MORE TIME IS NEEDED’ NEWT GINGRICH: It's not a stunt if it works, and what's happened is that the big-government socialists, particularly in the House, have decided ...

Biden desperately needs a win, but the left is holding it hostage: Marc Thiessen

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INFRASTRUCTURE BILL: PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS SAYS NO INFRASTRUCTURE WITHOUT RECONCILIATION MARC THIESSEN: It's quite a day on Capitol Hill for President Biden. The House Armed Services Committee is grilling him about, his...

イングラム: バイデンはアメリカ人質を保持している’ 民主党のリメイクとして’ 彼らは私たちを軽蔑しているので米国’

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"民主党員は「リメイクアメリカ」のウィッシュリストにたくさんのアイテムを持っています: 増税, 政府の大幅な拡大, 油を殺す & ガス, 批判的人種理論–しかしそれを通して, それらには1つの最優先事項があります—h.。.

Biden agenda in limbo amid ‘intensereconciliation talks, Dems allegedly holding infrastructure ‘hostage

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"It's gotten completely off the rails," Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan told Fox News. Hogan is a moderate who leads the group "No Labels," which worked with moderate Republicans and Democrats to push for the in...

タリバンの内務大臣はFBIの最重要指名手配リストに載っています, アメリカ人質を保持していると信じられている

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ハッカーニネットワークはタリバンの冷酷な軍隊であることが知られており、連合軍に対する国内の攻撃で非難されてきた. FBIには $ 10 彼の頭に百万の賞金. 彼はholdiであると信じられています。.

Hannity rips Biden on Afghanistan: Americans being ‘held hostagebehind enemy lines

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アメリカが. has not had an official presence in Afghanistan for three days, Hannity claimed Friday was the 20th day of Americans being "held hostage … behind enemy lines." "Joe Biden has failed this country, とw ...

ハニティ: OSAC alert shows State Department leaving Americans ‘hostageto Taliban

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"He wants to pretend like it never happened. But this crisis is far from over. Hundreds and hundreds of Americans are still trapped hopelessly abandoned by Joe behind enemy lines. And ask yourself this question tonig...

ブリトニースピアーズ’ 弁護士はジェイミーにすぐに保護者としての身を引くよう要求する: 彼女の「人質」を保持しようとしています’

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火曜日にフォックスニュースが入手した裁判所の文書によると、ジェイミーはスピアーズの人生の疑似CEOとしての彼の時間が終わりに近づいているという事実をすでに受け入れています。, 彼はドラッグする代わりに今すぐお辞儀をするべきです ...

担当者. Waltz on ‘Faulkner Focus’: Looming hostage crisis could make Iran in 1979 ‘look like a sleepover’

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"We’re on the cusp of having the biggest mass hostage situation in American history," said Florida Congressman Michael Waltz. "It’s gonna make 1979 in Tehran look like a sleepover." ワルツ, the first Green Beret elect...

ヘグセス: Americans not being allowed to leave Afghanistan ‘are already hostageto the Taliban

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PENTAGON MAY ASK BIDEN TO STAY IN AFGHANISTAN PAST AUG 31, BUT WON'T RETAKE BAGRAM TO SPEED EVACUATIONS PETE HEGSETH: The Taliban is going house by house and neighborhood by neighborhood identifying American citizens...

担当者. Brian Mast on ‘Faulkner Focus’: Biden admin created ‘an Afghanistan hostage crisis

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REPORTS OF TALIBAN TARGETING BLACKLISTED AFGHANS, JOURNALISTS SPREAD FEAR REP. BRIAN MAST: It's so dangerous in this respect. It's very clear the Biden’s administration's objective is always optics. They were probabl...

マイクペンス: バイデンはタリバンとの契約を破った–それはイラン人質危機以来見られなかった屈辱だ

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1ヶ月後, バイデン大統領が不可能と見なしたシナリオは恐ろしい現実になりました. 最近では, 世界はパニックに陥った民間人が米国にしがみつくのを見てきました. 必死に逃げようとする軍用機。.

担当者. Waltz slams Biden for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan while Navy veteran remains Taliban hostage

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ワルツ, who is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and is a Green Beret veteran of the war in Afghanistan, stressed that he's growing more concerned about Frerichs being left behind as the U.S. moves to wit...

Americans held hostage by Iran are human bargaining chips, 家族は言う

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Among them: Emad Shargi, a 56-year-old American businessman whose wife and daughters are making a public appeal for his release. He has not been heard from in five and a half months. He was taken to Iran’s notorious ...

Biden being ‘held hostageby far-left, anti-Semitic radicals: KTマクファーランド

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ライブアップデート: ISRAELI WARPLANES RAIN FIRE ON GAZA AS MIDDLE EAST VIOLENCE INTENSIFIES KT MCFARLAND: I think that the left wing of the Democrat Party is holding the White House hostage. The White House is in a positio...

An attempted robbery at a Wells Fargo has turned into a hostage situation in Minnesota

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There is an active hostage situation stemming from an attempted bank robbery at a Wells Fargo in St. 雲, ミネソタ, according to the bank and law enforcement officials. St. Cloud officers were called to the bank ...

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