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Walter Kirn: Mainstream view of Middle America has become ‘simplistic and hostile

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Kirn, author of several books including "Up in the Air" which was made into an award-winning film starring George Clooney, told host Tucker Carlson that his job has taken him tens of thousands of miles around the cou...

Meghan McCain blames hostile ‘View’ colleagues for her exit in emotional memoir

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She is also at times angry, depressed, ansioso, insecure, bursting with raw emotion—and isn’t hiding that either. All this comes pouring out, in great gushes of words, in her forthcoming audio memoir "Bad Republican....

Robert Sarver, owner of Phoenix’s NBA and WNBA teams, accused in EPSN report of leading hostile, toxic organizations

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Robert Sarver, the managing partner of the NBA's Phoenix Suns and WNBA's Phoenix Mercury franchises, is the focus of an expansive ESPN report that details accusations from former and current employees who say Sarver...

North Korea issues warning to US and South Korea over ‘hostile acts

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Seoul A senior North Korean official has denounced South Korea over its joint military exercises with the United States, which are due to begin this week, warning that such actions risked provoking "a serious securit...

Four parents of transgender boys on the challenges and joys of raising their sons in a world that can be hostile

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For over half an hour on a March afternoon, Arkansas legislators, activists and pediatricians outlined reasons why they considered gender-affirming health care dangerous, arguing in support of a bill that would ban ...

Lawrence Jones: Democrats push hostile takeover of the Supreme Court, ‘has the party lost its mind?’

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JONES: The high court highjacking is underway. A coalition of far-left Democrats convened this afternoon to roll out their most radical agenda point yet. Packing the supreme court. ... Their plan? Create four new se...

Hannity: Hostile US adversaries are preparing to capitalize on Biden’s ‘cognitive decline

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Il "Hannity" host slammed Biden for his mishandling of the Afghanistan debacle in his opening monologue, calling it a testament to the administration's ability to protect U.S. interests across the globe. "The world...