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James Franco, Anne Hathaway’s 2011 Oscars hosting gig was an ‘uncomfortable blind date,’ show writers say

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Op daardie stadium, the telecast was criticized for being cringe and lacking chemistry between the two performers who were doing just that while playing off of one another. "It was like the world's most uncomfortable blind ...

Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting the 2011 Oscars may have been doomed from the start

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Die 2011 Oscars ceremony was certainly a weird one. Anne Hathaway and James Franco were paired as hosts, and people involved with the production are now revealing that the two being teamed up was kind of a disaster...

Airbase hosting US troops in Iraq targeted in rocket attack, koalisie sê

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An airbase hosting US, Iraqi and coalition forces in Iraq was targeted on Wednesday by at least 10 rockets, US coalition officials said. The Al-Asad airbase was struck by grad missiles, Iraqi officials said earlier ...

Amy Poehler has a few questions before hosting the next Golden Globes

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Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are excited to return as hosts of the Golden Globes this year, but Poehler says there are outstanding details they need to figure out before the two take the stage. "We just have a few fina...

The Green Bay Packers are hosting 250 front line workers for their game against the Panthers

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The Green Bay Packers may not be hosting fans this year, maar 250 front line workers will be able to watch them take on the Carolina Panthers. The NFL organization announced on Thursday that they invited the additio...

‘Saturday Night Live’ keer terug met Jason Bateman as gasheer

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Jason Bateman sal gasheer wees "Saturday Night Live" die naweek, en in 'n voorskou vir die vertoning word hy saam met die rolverdeling Heidi Gardner en die musikale gas Morgan Wallen versier. Maar in die clip kan Gardner nie glo nie ...

Pompeo bied vakansiepartytjies by die staatsdepartement te midde van koronavirus-spykers aan

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Die minister van buitelandse sake, Mike Pompeo, het die komende weke honderde gaste na die staatsdepartement genooi vir vakansie-onthale, ondanks waarskuwings van gesondheidskenners dat Amerikaners groot gate moet vermy..

A Long Island country club was fined $17,000 for hosting a wedding where 30 guests contracted Covid-19

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Officials in one New York county have fined a Long Island country club $ 17,000 for hosting a wedding in which a third of guests later tested positive for Covid-19. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced...

Netflix is hosting a ‘Father of The Bridereunion on Friday

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A "Father of the Bride" reunion is heading our way and we're all cordially invited. Netflix announced the event Wednesday morning by posting a short teaser video to its Twitter account. The caption simply read: "...

Sean Lennon hosting 80th birthday celebration for dad and chatting with Paul McCartney

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Sean Lennon is helping celebrate what would have been his father John Lennon's 80th birthday. The younger Lennon will interview his brother Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney and Elton John in a two-part documentary, BBC...

Ohio college students were cited after hosting a house party despite testing positive for Covid-19

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Six students at Miami University in Ohio were cited for violating a city ordinance on mass gatherings after they held a house party despite at least one of them testing positive for Covid-19, according to police rec...