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DNC Chair rips ‘hot mess’ GOP as the party of ‘fear,’ ‘fraud,’ ‘fascism’ on MSNBC

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His latest comments came in response to Cross showing several clips from a variety of Republican campaign ads, which she said was "just a sample of the Republican craziness on the ballot in the upcoming Midterm elect...

Susan Lucci recalls working with ‘graciousBetty White on ‘Hot in Cleveland’: ‘I had no idea what to expect’

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Die "Al My Kinders" icon was a guest star on "Warm in Cleveland," which aired from 2010 tot 2015. The 75-year-old described how nervous she was during her first day of rehearsal. "When I got there, I opened the d...

Betty White’s ‘Hot in Clevelandco-star Valerie Bertinelli says she thinks about late star ‘all the time

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The two appeared on the TV Land sitcom for six seasons from 2010-2015 alongside Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick. Bertinelli, Leeves and Malick played three aging Los Angeles natives who decide to stay put in Cleveland ...

Betty White’s ‘Hot in Clevelandproducer speaks out after ‘Golden Girlsstar’s death: ‘I loved her so much

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White’s career was also notable for its longevity, and she worked well into her tenth decade. Todd Milliner, an executive producer on TV Land’s "Warm in Cleveland," was able to observe the master comedian and actress ...

‘LongCOVID causes bad smells and tastes, depression for some survivors: ‘Hot water smells like rotting meat

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Parosmia is a term used for any kind of distortion of one’s sense of smell — unlike anosmia, a term for one’s loss of their sense of smell. For Haydon, 24, it started with anosmia. She believes she contracted COVID-1...

Experts are bracing for a spike in STDs, but not just because it’s ‘hot vax summer

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After more than a year of Americans being urged to practice the safe six (voete), infectious disease specialists want to remind them about safe sex. While different people reacted to pandemic safety guidelines in dif...

Model April Love Geary shows off ‘hot mom (bod) somer’ in bikini six months after giving birth

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"Hot mom(bod) somer," she captioned the photo of herself wearing a leopard bikini. Geary's fiancé, musician Robin Thicke, commented on the post. "Was I sleeping behind you?" hy het geskryf. April Love Geary ...

Judge Judy jabs CBS after network ‘disrespected’ her show ‘Hot Bench’: ‘You were wrong’

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The esteemed judge – whose real name is Judy Sheindlin – spoke with the Wall Street Journal about her historic 25-year run in which her courtroom series "Judge Judy" was the top first-run show in all of syndicated TV...